s75 and paypal

  Phate 18:25 12 Dec 2008

Hi all - I wonder if you can help me.

I recently placed a listing for a jet ski on ebay, which sold for £7k. Unfortunately the winning bidder lives in Glasgow, which makes it incredibly inconvenient for the item to be picked up personally (I live in Bath).

I don't have any problems with shipping the item to him using a registered courier (i've already made the enquiries), but at the moment we're having trouble finding a reliable means of payment.

The current plan was to pay me using his credit card through paypal. Is this safe? Would he be covered by his credit card company under s75 protection? If not, what would be the best way for him to transfer the funds to me?

Thanks in advance,

  rickf 19:09 12 Dec 2008

I would say PP is quite safe as a means of payment. Mind, at 7k, they would take a big chunk out of it.

  spuds 21:53 12 Dec 2008

Best to check with PayPal, because you may find that they have limits for both buyers and sellers on sales through eBay and individuals accounts. Plus it would also pay to find out on what they are prepared to cover under their protection scheme, if the transaction is authorised to go ahead.

Regarding section 75, it will only cover the buyer and not the seller. If the buyer as a problem (now or in the future), then the credit card company may try to get a refund from the seller. PayPal mentions in their terms and conditions, that they prefer credit card problems are dealt with by the credit card provider, in the first instant.

One fairly easy method would be for the buyer to arrange transfer of 'cleared funds' from their bank direct to your bank.There is a fee payable for this service. Do not arrange a transfer via Western Union for a transaction of this type. Or part payment till inspection procedure.

  Phate 22:28 12 Dec 2008

As the item is a vehicle it is not covered by paypal buyer protection. However, if the funds were transferred using a credit card through paypal would the s75 protection still apply i.e. could he open up a dispute with the credit card company later down the line if for example the goods didn't arrive / were damaged / etc.

In terms of cleared funds, do you mean a CHAPS transfer? If the buyer does transfer me the money using this method, would he still be able to claim it back from the bank in case of a dispute?

Thanks again,

  Phate 22:38 12 Dec 2008

Just a quick note but the reason i'm asking about the credit card protection is that the buyer wants peace of mind that he'll be protected against fraud in case anything goes awry.

  spuds 23:34 12 Dec 2008

If payment is made by credit card, then section 75 will apply. But because PayPal are acting in the capacity of a forwarding agent, then things might be a little more complicated. That is why PayPal suggests that in the event of a dispute, the credit card company is contacted in the first instant.

My remark about "part payment till inspection procedure", would perhaps suggest that any comebacks (for whatever reason) might be your loss. The same might apply to other claims against you, and the product you are/were supplying.Another point to consider is your opinion of Good or Excellent condition, might not be the same as other people.

Regarding bank transfers, ask the bank about safeguards and procedures for fund transfers.

On a personal note, I would never do a deal blind and/or without inspecting the goods first via an auction sale or any other means, and especially for money figures in the amount you are talking about.

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