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And Ryzen Gaming PC faulty

  martd7 15:03 05 Feb 2020

My son's pc

Amd Ryzen 3600,16gb ram,2tb hard drive,250 mb SSD,MSI motherboard and Nvidia 2070 graphics card

Computer is 3 month old,blue screens when playing games,all Steam games,blue screen errors refer to internal hardware fault, memory and faulty SSD, has already been back to the manufacturer who diagnosed it as a graphics card fault,so it was swapped out for a new card,after 2 days of use the pcs back to blue screening

What are his consumer rights now,he wants a full system change as they've failed to correct the problem,and are only offering a repair ?


  wee eddie 15:46 05 Feb 2020

We need someone who can actually quote the Law of the Land.

However, as I remember it: If anything goes wrong within 6 months of delivery, they are allowed "one" attempt to correct it and, if that fails they need to replace item or reimburse the buyer.

  martd7 21:24 05 Feb 2020

Thanks Wee Eddie

Thats what i thought also

They have sent a response to my son advising he brings it into their repair department and they will test it and if there are issues they will replace the PC

They have loads of blue screen shots that hes supplied but theyre claiming its generic and software based

Hes had the PC just turn off and come up with the" your pc ran into a problem it needs to restart " error

Memory management errors,hardware failure errors,Bad object header,DPC Watchdog Violation

Yet theyre all "generic"

  martd7 14:30 07 Feb 2020

We can tell it's been tested,the engineers left bench mark programs and all sorts on the pc but now they want it back for further checks,so my son's taken it back in on the understanding that if unfixed he will be allowed a replacement system

  alanrwood 18:50 07 Feb 2020

Wee Eddie is quite correct, they have one chance to repair after which you are legally entitled to replacement or a refund.

  Forum Editor 23:28 08 Feb 2020

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 made changes to your rights in respect of goods purchased.

If you bought something after 1st October 2015 You have an absolute right to reject goods within 30 days of the date of purchase, and obtain a full refund if the item is faulty.

If you discover a fault within the first six months from delivery of the goods, it's presumed to have been there from the time you received it - unless the retailer can prove otherwise. During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there at the time of delivery - it's not up to you to prove that it was.

The retailer is allowed to choose between a repair or a replacement - you don't have the final say in that. If the retailer opts to repair the fault and the attempt is unsuccessful you can claim a full refund, or you can choose to negotiate a partial refund if you wish to keep the product. The retailer is only allowed once chance at a repair, you cannot be asked to endure repeated returns and repairs.

The retailer is not allowed to make any deductions from a refund in the first six months following an unsuccessful attempt at repair or replacement.

  martd7 14:23 09 Feb 2020

Thanks all for the advice The PC is still being tested,due back sometime this week

If the problem persists my Son will be given a new system he has that in writing

Thanks I will update the thread when there's any news

  HondaMan 17:06 09 Feb 2020

If I were your son, I would insist on a refund!

  martd7 17:14 09 Feb 2020

Honda Man

Yes I said that too but he just wants the pc back and working,he did have an email suggesting they think it's the SSD

  martd7 17:37 10 Feb 2020


Today the PC is being returned,the engineers seen the problems and concluded the SSD is faulty

After running tests with the new SSD they have had no crashes or blue screens

If the same problem reoccurs they will offer a new system

  martd7 10:41 17 Feb 2020


The old problems are reoccurring,blue screens,hardware fault etc

The pc has been taken back with a printed letter quoting Consumer Law and the Manager has received an email with the same details and photo attachments which has been acknowledged by themselves

A reply from management says the outcome will be escalated to a higher level

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