Royal mail special delivery - help me please

  Shesis 00:19 25 Dec 2016

Hi can anyone help me.

On Tuesday i was the victim of a terrible online scam whereby i sent a very expensive watch to a scammer.

He made out that he wanted to buy my watch whichi was selling on ebay. I thought it was genuine but it was a sophisticated scam.

I thought he had paid the money to my paypal as i got an email which i thought was genuine. The email said the buyer had sent the money but before it could be released i had to give the special delivery tracking number - to protect the buyer and the seller.

I took the packaged watch to the post office and paid £10.55 to send it secure signed for before 1pm the next day. I insured it for the value i originally paid.

After sending the watch and calling paypal to give them the tracking number i became horrifed to learn they had not emailed me and no money was coming into my account.

Sadly i was unable to get my valuable watch back from the post office. I called the police and gave them a full explanation. I have a crims ref number and have printed off all associated emails to take to my appt next week to give a full statement.

Anyway i had to witness the delivery route of my parcel right to it being signed for. I was deveststed. Royal mail would not intercept the parcel as they said its against the law.

I later got an email from the scammer saying the owner of the house did not know this is going on behind his back. I was distraught.

I suspect he was hanging around as he was alao able to track the delivery and may have possibly made out he lived at the address.

My question is if the delivery man handed the parcel over outside the property i addressed the package to, can i claim compensation from royal mail because they didnt deliver to the address- door of where i sent the parcel??

Im really hoping i can if its illegal not to deliver to the actual house ie knock on the door?? Also i doubt the scammer had any id to say he was the person i addressed to because it was most likely made up.

Please help

  HondaMan 11:08 25 Dec 2016

Assuming that it was addressed to a person, i.e. "Rex Smith" at that address, then I would certainly make a claim against the PO for negligence in not ensuring that the person to whom they delivered it was, indeed the said "Rex Smith"

  Shesis 13:12 25 Dec 2016

Thank you very much - most helpful. I need to determine if it was handed over outside the property- which i will ask the police to find out ... but hoping this is my lifeline :)

  Burn-it 13:19 25 Dec 2016

It is indeed illegal to hand over parcels outside the address. You do have a claim against the PO, but I suggest you only use that as a last resort as it will likely cost the postman his job.

  iscanut 14:35 25 Dec 2016

Am I missing something or do you not need to raise this with E Bay? The buyer would have had his name and address in E Bay. Is it worth pursuing this with them ?

  HondaMan 15:32 25 Dec 2016

"Cost the postman his job"?

Serves him right for not following the correct procedure.

  Shesis 17:30 25 Dec 2016

Hi everyone. Thank you.

The buyer didnt actually buy through ebay ... i just didn't use my brain and thought 'oh he's paying this straight to paypal ' :(

I know what you mean , its going to be very hard to prove this as agree the postman just has to say he delivered to the address.. so i need the police to speak with whoever lives at the flat because if he/she can vouch that there was no delivery and he/she doesnt know the Chris john id addressed the parcel to , im thinking i might have a chance?!

Realise im clutching at straws but this watch was really expensive and i was selling to fund a yoga teacher training course im doing next October in Spain.

  Shesis 18:25 25 Dec 2016

Yes I know. Clutching at straws

  Forum Editor 12:48 27 Dec 2016

I am afraid there is absolutely nothing you can do about this. You fell for a con that is practised every day of the week. It isn't Ebay's fault - you advertised an item, and someone 'bought' it. What you should have done is to check your payPal account to see that the funds were there, before you dispatched the watch.

Royal Mail were correct in saying that it is illegal for them to intercept a package, once it is in their system. They can't do it unless ordered to do so by a Judge. They did their job, as has been said. The special delivery service does not guarantee to deliver to a named individual - it simply guarantees that the package will be delivered to the specified address and signed for. It is within the Royal Mail terms of acceptance for a package to be delivered to a person other than the one named on the package, provided that person is at the designated address.

Others have stated that it is illegal for the package to be signed for by a person outside the door of the address specified, but I know of no such law. Many packages are routinely signed for in this way, by people standing in corridors or lobbies in blocks of flats or multi-occupancy houses, and in any case I can think of no way you could produce proof that the delivery driver acted illegally.

There will be little, if anything, that the Police can do because they will not be able to identify the individual responsible, any more than you or Ebay can. Technically (and painful as it is), you were at fault, because you failed to verify that funds had been received.

  Shesis 17:03 27 Dec 2016

Hi yes i can see what you mean. I hope whoever has my 2k watch now gets his/her dues. Lowlife leech... im usually so savvy but lost my senses .. as soon as i had posted the watch ... it all became clear.

Thanks everyone for your help. Its my own stupid fault and a lesson i will have to live with

  Shesis 18:38 28 Dec 2016

Hi i went to give a statememt today. The police are going to the address to get a statement from the owner.

I then called royal mail and logged my complaint with the crime reference. They confirmed to me ( as suspected, and commented by several of you ) that if the package was not delivered to the address then they are indeed responsible! so now have to wait until the police have had chance to go to the address and get something in writing and in the meantime, royal mail are carrying out their own investigation.

Not sure what the outcome will be but i feel like i might have a tiny glimmer of hope. Especially as i got an email from the scammer saying that the owner at the address didnt know this was going on under their nose ..

I have given this email to the police as evidence And it acknowledges the owner is not aware of this .

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