Royal Mail, Snail Mail, No Mail

  computernerdiamnot 11:05 14 May 2004

Well what can i say............I ordered some stuff on sunday on the internet and it was posted on monday FIRST CLASS. Knowing how things are regarding Royal Mail i knew i would be in for a wait, i phoned my local office to be told there was a three week backlog and the drivers do not have the time to deliver packets or light Parcels. To my amazment i ordered a new staples cat on weds and got it this morning.

Surley this is harming companies and causing irate customers to be clogging up their phonelines thinking they have been ripped of.

My internet supplier even suggested he will send out again and if i recieve 2 if i could send back the spare one. Good customer service there.

  byfordr 11:14 14 May 2004

In London I find the Royal mail absolutely appalling. Important things like credit card statements regularly don't turn up. First class arrives a week late etc. On the South coast I generally find things a lot better. The postman is superb, kindly going back at the end of his round to get signatures for parcels or letters. I think the problems have come through the cost cutting exercises. The post(wo)men on the whole are very good, but they are limited by the behind the scenes operation.

I find Parcel Farce one of the worst delivery companies (see my post parcel farce!) They have closed some offices and the service now stinks. Instead of Shoreham (which was excellent, now sadly closed) the parcels come from Redhill (service stinks!)


  computernerdiamnot 11:17 14 May 2004

I think it will be quicker to ask the postie to borrow his cycle and collect all my mail from my postees.

  g0slp 11:54 14 May 2004

They can't blame the trains now!

  georgemac 12:20 14 May 2004

our local posties are very helpful, friendly and excellent. I am still waiting on an order from 7 placed a week past Tuesday, I sent a letter 2nd class - it took 2 weeks to get delivered! Someone has posted an item to me 1st class on Tuesday and it is still not here!

The Royal Mail standards are indeed falling.

  spuds 12:31 14 May 2004

And the Royal Mail are talking about increasing charges, especially for larger envelopes. Wonder if this will stop the damaged envelopes that I receive on a weekly basis.No point in complaining, the RM Customer Services have a bookfull of excuses.

  g0slp 12:42 14 May 2004

"No point in complaining, the RM Customer Services have a bookfull of excuses."

Well, they would do, but the letters haven't been delivered.........

But seriously, can they get things sorted out? I've gone from mail being delivered before 9am to anything between 1130 and 1430. The stuff that goes missing is beyond belief, too. This, bear in mind, is letters/small packets only; never mind the big stuff. No wonder the courier firms are expanding - often cheaper & more reliable than Parcel Farce to boot

  Stuartli 13:17 14 May 2004

Up to recently our mail used to be delivered around 7.30am - the postman has just been (he's completely new to our area) five minutes ago and 80 per cent of all the letters delivered (apart from the new PC Advisor mag) is junk mail.

By the way, 1.10pm is early at the moment as it's been after 3pm some days...:-(

Someone claimed in the papers the other day that they had had deliveries as late as 8pm.

  The Tick Tock Man 17:20 14 May 2004

I ordered a £300 scanner from Amazon that Parcel Force supposedly attempted to deliver twice (no card through the door on either occasion). According to the tracking code it was apparently signed for by someone I've never heard of. Amazon very kindly sent out a second scanner but I've still no idea where the first one is (the guy who delivered the second scanner said it MIGHT be at the depot). Good job I wasn't in a hurry for the scanner!

  oresome 19:21 14 May 2004

After taking wedding photos on the Saturday, I posted the films for developing (in the pre-paid envelope)on the Sunday. I declined the offer of express service for a premium of 35p per film. The films arrived back the following Thursday morning. Not bad service from both the developer and Royal mail

  ened 19:39 14 May 2004

come across staff with such a happy attitude and willingness to please as the counter and delivery staff in Newquay.
They are always cheerful and nothing is ever too much trouble.
If it can be okay here what is the problem in the rest of the country????

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