Royal Mail parcel gone missing.

  rmcqua 11:24 24 Mar 2006

Has anyone had any experience of RM standard delivery parcels going "missing"?
I posted a 5 kilo parcel 11 days ago, solidly wrapped with a huge A4 address label with the address in large, bold, black printing. It also carried my return address. It still has not arrived at its destination (Sussex). I have the certificate of posting, which clearly shows the correct destination post code.
I am more inclined to think theft, rather than loss, for something this size. Any other comments / experiences / suggestions?
Oh yes, the recipient didn't want to pay an extra 1.75 for insurance, so I guess the compensation is going to be pretty limited.

  BRYNIT 11:35 24 Mar 2006
  hzhzhz 11:43 24 Mar 2006

Just reading about a jewellery company who insist on customers using RM special delivery when returning items because when other methods are used "items frequently go missing".

  spuds 12:21 24 Mar 2006

If you want an headache, then use Royal Mail Track and Trace. You pay the Post Office, they in turn supply the item to Royal Mail for delivery, at a premium, for a recorded etc delivery. You are then given a nice reference number and reference to a on-line website so as to keep track of the item(s) sent. But thats were it all seems fail. The information that you are able to find, is if the item as actually been delivered ( and not necessarily to the intended party).

Over the last three months, I or someone else via our instructions have sent items via Royal Mail using Track & Trace, and the outcome as been a near mystery. In the same time, I have used DHL via Germany and Dell Computers via Southern Ireland, and both their track and trace procedures have been absolutely first rate, at no extra cost as a special service, compared with that of Royal Mail.In the case of DHL and Dell, I was able to follow the items from pick-up point, including changeovers to exact delivery point, including who had signed for goods.Royal Mails system is a total joke, compared to these two mentioned companies.

Last year, we had similar 'lost' items problems, and it was only when we got PostWatch involved, did we receive sensible and immediate actions from Royal Mail.

At this point of time,I am commencing correspondence with Royal Mail as to a lost recorded track & trace delivery item (sent 15 days ago,with a travel distance of about 42 miles), so I can only wish rmcqua success in resolving their issue.

  Stuartli 14:14 24 Mar 2006

About a year ago I sent a parcel via ParcelForce to a company in Milton Keynes and used the Track and Trace facility to keep an eye on its progress.

It went through the usual collection, first hub, sent on to and then distribution hub listings, but then nothing...

No one at ParcelForce could be sure that the parcel had, in fact, been delivered so in the end I wrote to the customer service department.

I received a phone call from someone who introduced himself as the new customer services manager, who apologised for the failure of the Track and Trace feature and to assure me that the parcel had been delivered.

However, because it was part of a regular daily btch to the company it was not listed individually.

However, the customer services manager stated he agreed that this was not very satisfactory and wood look into improving the service if at all possible.

In addition, he kept his promise to send me some shopping vouchers as compensation for the time and trouble I had undergone.

Next day I got £20 worth of vouchers which could be spent in many high street stores.

Excellent, especially as it had only cost £14.50 to post the parcel and the charge was refunded by the company to which it had been sent...:-)

  €dstowe 14:25 24 Mar 2006

Don't worry, it's not only Royal Mail.

I had a parcel deliverd by TNT this morning from Sweden. Clearly and correctly labelled but fifteen weeks late. There were all sorts of stickers on it with "try xxxxx" on them and underneath these I found the cause. The parcel had originally been sent to British Columbia and then spent the intervening time having a tour around Canada trying to find the address.

  g0slp 14:34 24 Mar 2006

Mail being sent to ships via well-known couriers missing the ship due to being sent to wrong destinations from our UK office.

The best two:-

Mail going to Dakar, Senegal. Courier sent it to DACCA, BANGLADESH!!! Received in Europe (I forget where) 2 weeks later.

Package going to Maracaibo, Venezuela. It didn't arrive. Found by couriers 10 days later in HONOLULU. They were told to send it to us in Trinidad, so it went back to Brussels for some reason first before being sent on. Missed us again, eventually traced to BOGOTA. (Not too much shipping in Bogota...). Finally caught up with us 6 weeks after initial dispatch.

Oh, how we laughed...NOT.

  Stuartli 16:56 24 Mar 2006

In view of the logistics involved in distributing many, many thousands of parcels every day all over the UK and abroad by the numerous carriage and courier companies, it's remarkable that the vast majority do actually arrive.

  SG Atlantis® 17:01 24 Mar 2006

Is a general name used for several postal services.

Signed for. Goes through the normal mail system and is not tracked until it is signed for at the end exit (delivered). If the postie misses the sticker then it will not be entered on the track and trace system as they'll deliver it without removing the code and getting a signature. No signature, no record, no entry on computer. Compensation is the same as normal post around £30 (100 times a 1st class postage stamp).

Special Delivery 9am and Next day. Is monitored from entry at the post office to exit at the delivery point. The postoffice can check their system and find out where it is every step of the way. Doesn't always update on their website though, until after signed delivery. Special posties deal with the sorting and distribution of these parcels. Compensation/Insurance depends on premium paid, £500 and then £1500 plus +++.

You have to wait 15 days for signed for and normal post to turn up. Then you can report it lost and claim.

  SG Atlantis® 17:05 24 Mar 2006

compensation levels above applies to both letters and parcels.

  GaT7 18:03 24 Mar 2006

I don't know if you're aware, but apparently there's a upto £30 standard compensation for ANY parcel:

"We offer as standard, compensation cover for loss or damage up to £30 or market value of item (whichever is lower). If you want to extend compensation cover in the unlikely event of loss or damage, these are the fees:"

The fees for adding extra insurance is quite reasonable at just £0.75 to 3.00 for £100-500 compensation.

See the RM website about the above click here. Good luck with your claim : ) G

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