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Royal Mail Missing Parcel -any way to get it back?

  oask 18:38 09 Apr 2020

I sent a parcel with Royal Mail First Class on 23rd March to a mail-order film developing service. Since it's been over 2 weeks with no word, I called up the company today to see if my parcel had arrived. They told me it hadn't. So I called up Royal Mail's Customer Service line and was told that given the time frame it was 'probably lost' so I should just apply to get some compensation. I don't understand how this happens! I confirmed the recipient address over the phone so it definitely wasn't a mistake like that. I also included a very clear return address but it hasn't been sent back to me. It's not a parcel worth stealing, it's only worth something to me.

Any suggestions for what I could do? The compensation isn't important to me, I'm more worried that I've wasted a few months of work. Could there be a possibility that with the covid-19 situation parcels are just taking wayyy longer than expected? (unlikely but i'm holding out hope for that). I was also thinking maybe there was a problem due to chemicals in the film cartridges, although I've never had a problem like that before.

Is there another place lost parcels can end up?

I'd be seriously grateful for any suggestions, I know the odds aren't great but I'd be gutted if I couldn't get my parcel back.


  rickf 22:31 09 Apr 2020

Could have been delivered to a wrong address. It happens and it happened to me. The recipient gave it back to me only after 3/4 weeks which was disappointing but at least he did. I know this is of no comfort to you but just a suggestion that this might have happened to yours.

  Demi 21:42 29 Apr 2020

We have had similar issues with Royal Mail we run a jewellery business and we've had parcels not turning up. Most of them have eventually just been delayed. This happened at Christmas and it was a 2 and half week delay with one order. Its taking over a week and a half currently with Covid19. I would suggest get the compensation ball rolling but also keep checking in with the receiver to see if it does turn up. Also Id check with a few people at the company you sent it to. Some people can be really incompetent at their job or someone on the team may have misplaced it etc.

  Forum Editor 15:03 01 May 2020

If a normal postal package has not been received by the addressee within ten days you can make a compensation claim, but be warned that all you are likely to get is a maximum of six first class stamps. The exception is if you can prove an actual financial loss, which in the case of exposed film is not likely to be the case unless you are a professional photographer and can prove that the loss of the film resulted in a direct loss of money.

Undelivered mail goes to the National Returns Centre, which is based in Belfast. You cannot contact the centre directly, and the Post Office will not provide you with contact details. If the centre cannot see a return address on a package it will open it and try to find out who the sender was. If that is successful, the package will be returned to you.

If you want to make a claim, your starting point is here.

  pbo 20:48 07 May 2020

if the parcel had liquid in it then it could have got Brocken and the address ruined I know I worked for RM. also if you put a plastic raper under a paper raper it makes the paper spilt. things that get lost end up sometimes? ask at the post office they will tell you. Where was it coming from and to. It could have got lost maybe in one of three places

  wee eddie 23:36 07 May 2020

his is a test for pbo.

They'll send you an eMail but, in my experience, it takes quite a while

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