royal mail contents of parcels gone missing

  joypc 19:36 22 Dec 2011

i recently sent two phones to envirofone via special delivery; and the package arrived tampered with so they refused them. when my package was returned by royal mail it was empty. Now the post office want to pay the amount that envirofone would have offered and i am thinking that they should pay the second hand replacement value of the phone as their staff stole it. Has anyone have any similar experience? I would like to know what outcome I can expect.

Thanks Joy

  spuds 19:59 22 Dec 2011

Dealing with Royal Mail can be a problem, especially if you are trying to make a claim or complaint. The value of the items is what would be considered fair, so I would suggest that you check out eBay, Google, Amazon and similar sites for a price comparison as to the worth of the items.

Take print-outs on anything that you find, because you might need it, as evidence for the claim.

Consumer Direct have a section offering advice about Royal Mail, but frankly I got very little help from them, when I wanted advice. I find that Royal Mail's own complaints procedure isn't all that brilliant in trying to resolve issues.

  birdface 12:13 23 Dec 2011

Sent a laptop charger To my grand Daughter in Liverpool as she had forgotten to take it with her.

It never arrived and all you get from the PO was a claim form.

No good to her as she needed it for her University work.

So had to buy another one.It is not just the loss of the charger it is the £2.80 or thereabouts that they charge for delivering it that bothers me.

  spuds 14:57 23 Dec 2011


Wait till you ask Royal Mail if they delivered the item to the name and address on the package, and they inform you that that cannot tell you, because of Data Protection ;O(

  alan2273 20:01 23 Dec 2011

Royal mail are a pain in the neck. They recently lost a letter that the council sent which cost me £5, on asking for compensation they sent me a reply that the letter was not addressed correctly, The council have standard addressed letters that go first class post and even showed me one of there self addressed envelopes, so I know it was addressed correctly. They also stated that if I did not agree with this adjudication, I could phone a 0900 number at 50p a minute to query it. So I would not hold your breath about getting anything out of Royal Mail.

  Forum Editor 20:32 23 Dec 2011

"i am thinking that they should pay the second hand replacement value of the phone as their staff stole it."

You have no evidence with which to support your statement that Royal Mail staff stole the phone, so we'll set that aside.

As far as the compensation amount is concerned, you agreed to the conditions applying to the Special delivery service when you used it, and they state that you will be paid the market value of the item at the time it was lost, or £50 if you used the 9:00 am service, or £500 if you used the 'next day'service, whichever is the lower amount

In effect this means you'll get the market value of the phone,and Royal Mail will get this by contacting the people you were sending it to for sale - you'll get the amount envirofone would have offered.

  ICF 07:11 24 Dec 2011

"you'll get the amount envirofone would have offered"

How can they give a accurate value when they have not seen the phone?

  rickf 11:39 24 Dec 2011

RM is outrageous! I recently bought a very expensive camera lens and had it send by Special next Day Delivery b4 1pm. I waited and by 12.50am I decided to track it. It said it had been delivered. I panicked thinking it had been delivered to the wrong address and some dishonest person ahd signed for it etc., I rang customer service and was told to wait for another hour or so and she was sure it would turn up. She said it seemed the driver and pre-scanned the item. I told her this was a fraudulent excercise and she agreed. It seems the procedure was designed to avoid customers making a claim for late delivery.

  spuds 16:54 24 Dec 2011

I have just checked out the Evirofone website, and it appears that you can check the value of the item (their valuation?) via a on-line checker. Just tried three of our mobiles, and according to the checker, the mobiles submitted have no value at all. But they will happily recycle the mobiles for free, if we send them to a Freepost address!.

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