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  Miros 13:15 01 Aug 2008

I always thought it would be a criminal offence to retain misappropriate or destroy mail that was delivered to your address by mistake but addressed to someone else.

Today I have visited my local post office to inquire about three missing pieces of mail that I believe has been delivered next door and I/we have not subsequently received. The post office manager didn't know the law regarding this. This prompted me to inquire with our local our Neighbourhood Police team and they said they didn't know the answer either regarding the law, but that the post office has it's own fraud squad and that I should get in touch with the post office again, and if the local manager was unable help to go above his head.

I'm amazed that my local community police or post office does not know the law about this. But my guess is that some ex or even current postal worker will know the answer, can anyone help please.

  birdface 13:38 01 Aug 2008

I think the I believe bit would have done it.if you have no proof that they were delivered next door or wherever,There will be nothing that you can do.I can't see the postman admitting that he put them through the wrong door or he may loose his job.If the wrong number was on the envelope and the postman can remember putting them into that address you may have a chance of getting some action.

  birdface 13:53 01 Aug 2008

Like yourself and others any mail or parcels that get delivered to me by mistake I will always deliver them to the proper address.letters do get lost in the post.What makes you suspect the neighbor.

  HondaMan 13:55 01 Aug 2008

interesting point.

A few years ago, I ordered a map, centered on my house. After allowing for a reasonable time to elapse, I rang the supplier and enquired where it was. It was delivered on xx.xx.xxxx was the reply. I explained that I had not received it and asked for a copy of the receipt which was duly supplied.

I recognised the signature and told the PO that it had been delivered to the wrong address, accepted but not passed on. I also informed the police.

Result? No one was bothered. The company provided another map and the PO and the police could not have cared less, nevermind doing something.

The map, by the way, is still on his wall, I see it everytime a walk past his house. It's not my problem, I now have what I ordered, but I wonder about the "services" involved elsewhere.

  Miros 14:25 01 Aug 2008

I suspect him because the week in question the end of June our regular postman was on holiday, the fool that stood in for him wrongly tried to deliver a small parcel to us for our neighbour on the other side, when this was pointed out to him he admitted our mail had gone next door the other way. By the time I went to retrieve it nxt door was already reading it, it happened to be a visa bank statement, very personal information. He had enough time to have put it back in the envelope and posted back to us but had chosen not to so.

That same week about the same date a new insurance policy document went missing and we had to ask for a replacement. They insisted they had sent it we insisted we had not received it, they wanted to charge us £10 for this we resisted and didn't pay. Again personal details enclossed. This we now suspect went next door.

We move on to this week when we received correspondence from a tour company with whom we had a dispute to say that ( in response to my inquiry) they were sorry that we had not received their offer of £xxx and the letter apologising for their shortcomings dated 24th June. They enclosed a copy of their apology answering our complaints six pages in total, and a further offer and a cheque for the sum of £xxx.
This was the same week we had the relief postman and we suspect it again went next door. Again a lot of personal details enclosed which I'm sure anyone reading this would not like to have happen to them.

I know all this is hard to prove but I still would like to know what is the law in this regard, is it stealing? and therefore is it a criminal offence to retain that which is not yours? my guess is that it it is criminal.

  spuds 14:26 01 Aug 2008

These people with have the answer click here We have used them on a couple of occasions, and they provided a contact and remedy to the problem within hours. Something that we were not able to get in days.

  Miros 14:49 01 Aug 2008

Thanks for that link there is a lot to read, digest and take in, my grey matter is a little slower these days.

Basically though after a brief look it would seem to be about establishing a complaint about the Royal Mail. My complaint really is about my neighbour, mistakes can happen an will happen and if they are made and I get mail wrongly posted mail through my mail box I will either return to the post office or post it on to my neighbours concerned and even to the moron next door, I would also would expect him to do the same, perhaps I expect to much, I assure you he is a moron.

  JJCUK 14:51 01 Aug 2008

yep I can second spuds suggestion have used postwatch before and they seem pretty good

on a side note we regularly get our neighbours mail through the door when we have a stand in postie and ours goes to the other neighbour glad to say as far as I know it always gets back to us, and I always pop across and put my neighbours mail through his letter box.


  Miros 14:56 01 Aug 2008

That's the sort of behaviour you would expect from normal people this guy is not normal.
Thankfully everyone else in the Avenue bar him would seem normal, just our luck for him to move in next to us.

  Miros 05:31 02 Aug 2008

Is there no one who can answer the basic question, is keeping mail that is not yours and does not belong to you illegal?

  josie mayhem 10:34 02 Aug 2008

There's no law about keeping mail that doesn't belong to you...

Even a recorded delivery has little merit when you think about it...

As all it proves is that a item was delivered to some-one, somewhere and it was signed for....

I'm surprised that you get a regular postie, I live in a small town and we very rarely get the same postie deliverying our mail... But that could be a god send because at times it is hit and miss whether the right mail ends up at the right abode, it does make me wonder how it happens how does the vicarage mail end up in my placvec that has a totally different name?

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