Route Planner software - Ireland always ignored?

  barnettgs 00:44 21 Feb 2004

Microsoft Autoroute 2004, that is. Also many other softwares too. It is quite a rare to find a map software that includes Ireland in it, I mean in dull details plus street map.

Microsoft Autoroute's map of Ireland is very basic, not offering a street map or more detailed towns/roads - only just main roads/motorway. I find it very annoying especially seeing so many map software at local PC World branch (in ireland) which doesn't even includes Ireland!

Check out the latest review:

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Just to tell you that British Isles which includes Ireland but software titled 'Great britain' are seen very often, which doesn't includes Ireland.

Today I picked up a Computer Shopper magazine, it comes with a free AND Route 2004 UK & Ireland, I had doubts but I decided to buy it after all, it's only few pounds. After installing it and I was amazed to see a full detailed map of Ireland including all the minor roads in countryside and so on. What's more, it was made from Holland and I had to praise them especially the software comes free and Ireland is included in it!

  Al94 08:46 21 Feb 2004

does the free software support GPS?

  Pesala 08:47 21 Feb 2004

Also seems to cover the whole of Ireland. Route 66 Europe is the same price €49.99 but also covers Western Europe. This program is also made in Holland. Same product/ different name?

My older version Route66 2001-2002 only covers England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands, and the coastal area of France around Calais.

  Pesala 08:48 21 Feb 2004

That should be € 49.99

  Sheila-214876 16:25 21 Feb 2004

Do you mean Ireland as "Northern Ireland" or Ireland as a whole Island? At present I am using Autoroute 2001 and the whole of Ireland is on it. Give me a postcode or whole address and I will check it out.

  Falkyrn 18:52 21 Feb 2004

I would be careful of the AND2004 software (that free version anyway) I also installed it and tried it out with two journeys I make on a regular basis ....

Journey 1 realtime 55 mins Autoroute 60 mins AND2004 2hrs 32mins

Journey 2 realtime 5hrs Autoroute 4hrs 40 mins AND 2004 12hrs 53 mins.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:49 21 Feb 2004

ennuye - no postcodes in the Republic of Ireland (well, outside of Dublin anyway).

Try doing a route from Dublin to Tubercurry in Co. Sligo, and throw in Boyle as a via. I travelled it last summer every day for 3 weeks so know that it should take 3 hours 15 minutes.

  Cook2 01:50 22 Feb 2004

viaMichelin 128 miles 3h 6m.

click here;jsessionid=000011UBYCFFG24HKKYRLFIELPQ+v210s9ms

  barnettgs 13:08 22 Feb 2004

Ireland as whole, of course...if a software shown 'Great Britain' then Northern Ireland isn't included in it even though it is part of UK. As normal, Ireland doesn't have post code but use the name of place or street will do.

Of course, Ireland is covered in AutoRoute but only major and main roads are being covered there - no minor roads and rural roads which I'm living in rural.

Like AND2004 software, all other mapping software does not make accurate journey times as the time varies thoughout the day with varying traffic so it doesn't matter to me. I use it to give me a rough idea of how long journey would takes.

  Sheila-214876 13:11 22 Feb 2004

Diodorus Siculus. Did that, Autoroute 2001 gives 124.1 miles 3hours 9mins. but that wasn't the original question posted. It was about "Microsoft Autoroute's map of Ireland is very basic, not offering a street map or more detailed towns/roads - only just main roads/motorway." Well the version I have gets down to street level?

  Stuartli 13:53 22 Feb 2004

It is a very strange situation, especially as travelling in Southern Ireland by car takes you through some of the most stunning, magnificent scenery in Europe.

I'm lucky enough to have driven through most parts of Ireland, north and south, and in the latter to use off the beaten track routes that even some of the Irish people themselves have never used.

It proved breathtaking, especially on the south coast and moving along up to Galway.

However, there are suitable road atlas and program products available, such as:

click here

click here

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click here

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