Rouge Diallers

  Need4Speed 08:05 03 Apr 2006

Is there anythinmg I can do to stop a rogue dialler from taking over my telephone line and dialing a premium rate number etc

Is there any software etc avalible


  Zaphod 3 08:17 03 Apr 2006

You could try this (courtesy of Belatucadrus).

click here

  g0slp 08:41 03 Apr 2006

It's worth noting that even those of us on ADSL/Broadband are potentially at risk if we use our computers for faxes & have the phone line connected.

  Need4Speed 08:54 03 Apr 2006

Meant to say that I am on broadband but I do turn off the router etc when Im not using it?

If that helps!

  g0slp 09:53 03 Apr 2006

If you're on Broadband but don't use the ordinary phone modem (& it's not connected) then there's nothing to worry about, as your connection doesn't make ordinary calls. This doesn't stop diallers from installing, of course.

Previous threads via the search facility for the Helproom

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Hope this helps.

  spuds 11:03 03 Apr 2006

If you are on a BT line, then seek their advice

  spuds 11:11 03 Apr 2006

Seems to be a faulty link. BT have a free download available for dialler prevention.

  keef66 15:07 03 Apr 2006

If you do have an ordinary phone line / modem attached for faxing from the pc you can ask your phone service provider to bar premium rate and international numbers. This may incur a small charge, but it's a lot cheaper than having a dialler. I speak from bitter personal experience.

  DieSse 16:54 03 Apr 2006


Do they automatically send out for make-up when you run out?


  Need4Speed 17:32 03 Apr 2006

I am with bt and there free software for rogue diallers is for dial-up only!

The router is connected to the phone socket via the dsl cable but thats it so will I be ok I mean gOslp states does my connection make ordinary calls.

Not that clued up on broadband etc.


  g0slp 18:29 03 Apr 2006

If that's all you have connected then you'll be OK against the scumware rogue diallers.

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