- Your opinions please!

  SheffieldSpy 08:59 03 Sep 2003

I am looking into getting an ISP for my new computer. I have come across Has anybody tried the internet access? Is it reliable, i.e. doesn't cut you off every 5 minutes? I understand that you just get the internet access, but that is all I want as I already have the equivalent of a Hotmail Account.

  plankton 11:17 03 Sep 2003

I cant find them on click here so you need someone who has used them.

  SheffieldSpy 08:14 06 Sep 2003

I'm hoping that a user of this service is in this forum.

  krypt1c 11:35 06 Sep 2003

I've just had a look at the site and there's no information other than how to set up a connection.
The other odd thing is you don't get a unique username [the username is] and you don't need a password.

  krypt1c 11:37 06 Sep 2003

Ooops. Should have said as it's a 'pay as you go' service I can't see there being a limit on how long you're logged on.

  SheffieldSpy 11:39 07 Sep 2003

Thank you!

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