Rock Sigma SI Blues...

  eric_cantona 18:54 01 Jan 2004

Hello there,

I bought a Rock Sigma SI back in the summer of 2001 and until about 4 months ago was perfectly happy with it.

Unfortunately the casing around the screen is showing some worrying signs of wear & tear. Basically a hairline crack has appeared on the outer silver casing near one of the hinges, and worse still the inner side casing (on the screen side) near the opposite hinge has cracked through completely. I am very disappointed in the build quality as this should not have happened after merely 18months of usage. I dont close the laptop at all any more in fear of the screen braking off completely!

Has anybody else expereiced similar issues? Does anybody know of a remedy and how much this would set me back?

A few more niggling issues that I have include the battery power (now non-exsistent, i mean is 5minutes enough to do anything?? I think not....)

Also, I experience extreme slowdown if the PC has been operating at 100% CPU for more than half an hour? I play a lot of Championship manager on my laptop, but it has got to the point where I can only play in 30 minute bursts due to the slowdown, almost to a complete halt.

I am no expert, but could anybody tell me whether this is normal behaviour? (the SIgma has 997MHz and 512MB Ram, Win XP Home)

Again, this may be a stupid question, but Is it at all possible to upgrade the CPU of my SIgma rather that buying a new laptop? Bearing in mind that I would have to get my screen casing fixed before selling it, upgrading may be a cheaper option that buying an altogether new system..

I appreciate that there are a few queries in there, but any suggestions/help would be very much obliged!

Happy New Year

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