Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  morddwyd 06:42 17 Feb 2011

Thinking of getting one of the robot vacuum cleaners.

Anyone got any hands on, or rather hands off, experience?

Widely available on line, of course, and plenty of reviews, but I'm really looking for the personal experiences of any forum members.

  BT 08:40 17 Feb 2011

From What I've seen they are only useful if you've got a VERY tidy uncluttered room.

  BRYNIT 08:47 17 Feb 2011

My thoughts.
It will only do half the job.
It may get under your feet.
You will have to empty it and check that it has recharged.

  carver 09:01 17 Feb 2011

And whatever you do, do not let the hamster out while it's working.

  morddwyd 09:03 17 Feb 2011

Thanks, but is this based on personal experience over a period of time?

Even half a job is better than no job which is what we have at the moment.

I understand you can programme them to bimble around when you are out so getting under the feet is unlikely to be a problem, all vacuums have to be emptied, and all cordless devices recharged.

  ribo 17:07 18 Feb 2011

I have had one of these cleaners for about 3 years. Mine is a Irobot. They work very well and I would not be without one.
You can now get them with a docking station and they find there way there ,and start recharging.
I would however, say that I do not think it would work ok, if you went out and left it. They tend to get trapped under certain furniture.
Usually you are not in the room, but they give an audible sound when this happens. You get to know which furniture is involved and can prevent this by blocking its path.
I hope this helps. J

  morddwyd 20:06 18 Feb 2011

Many thanks

  bjh 19:30 20 Feb 2011

I have a "cheapie" knockoff of a "Roomba". Did it work? Yes, within limitations, it was great. It sounds like a cop-out, but if you start with a really well vacuumed floor, it kept the dust at bay very well. It didn't mind complex furniture, curtains down to the ground, etc, but it wasn't keen on pet hair, however. It did have quite a limited dirt capacity, so needed regular emptying. It was very good for going round behind sofas, chairs, etc, where there wasn't much dirt/cat fluff, just dust and the like. Saved moving furniture about.
I don't think it could replace my vacuum, but I'm a dirty bugger, really. It did do an excellent job of dirt control.
Mine came from Ebuyer, and they are currently selling a similar model for around £50 click here . It doesn't get a good press, unlike the earlier one I have.

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