RL Supplies - Problems Exchanging Faulty Product

  ajm 17:20 11 Oct 2005

I bought a ICY BOX 3.5” Firewire / USB Enclosure on the 11/07/05. Today, 11th October, the Enclosure stopped working. I suspected that the hard drive was faulty and put another working hard drive in the enclosure. The HDD was not recognised. The original hard drive was then installed on a computer and was recognised. Therefore the enclosure is faulty.
I made a trip to RL Supplies sales office in North Watford and was told that the enclosure needed to be tested and if found faulty, will post a replacement. I asked the assistant if possible to test it while I am here as it was needed ugently and that I would not mind waiting.
She kindly found a technician who took the enclosure away and came back in 15 minutes stating that he had found no faulty with it when he put a 40GB HDD inside. I stated that this could not be correct. She said that to leave it overnight and they will test it thoroughly. How thorough can a enclosure be tested?!!!
I had no choice but to have to purchase another external enclosure.
I left with the faulty enclosure and upon reaching home, tested the enclosure by putting in 3 working hard drives using various settings of Master and Slave. The enclosure is FAULTY.
I have emailed RL Supplies. However, I wish to know what recourse I have in the event that they do not reply to my emails and phone calls. I do not wish to make another 20 mile trip to their offices

  spuds 17:26 11 Oct 2005
  ajm 10:54 14 Oct 2005

I have had a reply from RL Supplies asking me to send the enclosure back for futher testing as the fault may be intermittent.
If teh fault is internittent, am i entitled to a exchange or refund?

  spuds 11:23 14 Oct 2005

In consumer law it would be classed as 'Not fit for the purpose', so a replacement or refund would be your rights, more so and especially so as it is within the six month proving period.

  ajm 14:26 15 Oct 2005

On Spuds advise, I emailed RL Supplies and the following is the repply i got back:

"Please return the Icy Box to us for further testing. If the product is proved to be faulty then it will be replaced. However, if no fault is found there may be a charge for our engineers time.
If you would prefer you can be present in the workshop with our engineer whilst it is tested.
RL Supplies Ltd"

1) If the fault is intermittent and does not show up at the time of testing,but still happens, what recourse do I have.
2)During testing, it results in the enclsoure being faulty and they replace me with a new cone Can I charge RL for my time and petrol taking it back to testing twice?

  DieSse 14:47 15 Oct 2005

"Therefore the enclosure is faulty"

Whilst that may look more likely then not - the problem could lie within your system - perhaps with the USB/Firewire ports, or the cable, or the software for them, or even the OS software.

I would suggest that a good course of action may be to arrange to take your tower with you to their premises, so that you can fully check the possibilities.

  spuds 16:03 15 Oct 2005

It would appear as though RL Supplies are trying to give good customer service, and have made an offer to test the product in your presence. Due to what appears to be an intermittent fault, the test conducted by RLS could or could not prove satisfactory, and this is a chance that you may need to consider. The six month proving period puts the onus on the supplier to prove the item is 'fit for the purpose', and I think RLS are trying to find out if there is a problem, they are not trying to ignore their responsibilities.

They perhaps suggested and have not stated that a charge could be made for their engineers time, and I would perhaps suggest this is reasonable due to a time wasting factor, and the results of the first tests.Ask them to provide some guidance as to possible costs and procedures, and take that into consideration. You can then perhaps consider the next move, and as a suggestion let them 'soak test' the item and check anything else that they agree with. If a fault is found with their supplied item, then you could suggest some form of compensation arrangement.If nothing wrong is found, then you may need to consider the total cost of this exercise, and whether it would be worth pursuing the matter further. Have you been in touch with the manufacturer, and consulted them for support or advice. Sometimes the manufacturer may have the solution which the supplier doe's not.All these things are worth consideration.

  Forum Editor 16:49 15 Oct 2005

who tested the enclosure said he found no fault with it, and unless he's lying - which seems to me to be extremely unlikely - there's obviously a problem.

I suggest that you must take up the offer to be present when a second test is carried out. Such an offer is extremely rare, and indicates a willingness to help on the part of the supplier. If the unit tests as faulty on that occasion you obviously have a cast-iron claim for a new enclosure, but you can't look forward to compensation for your travelling expenses - unless the company is feeling in a generous mood.

  ajm 17:10 15 Oct 2005

Currently I have 3 different enclosures connected through both USB and Firewire. Therefore my system is fine. I have taken the hard drive out from the "faulty enclosure" and put that into another enclosure. Its working. Therefore this eliminated the problem of the hdd being faulty.

I have taken two working hard drives from a working usb AND Firewire enclosure and put that into the ICY BOX Enclosure supplied by RL Supplies. Both hard drive are not recognised at all. It seems that the Enclosure is faulty or has intermittent faulty.

I have no problems with going back to RL Supplies and taking the offer of testing the enclosure there. If they test and find no problem on that particular occassion, they MAY charge me a engineer's time, which I am not prepared to pay.

  Simsy 21:14 16 Oct 2005

quite a number of times.

I call in because, A) it's not far from me, and B) I find their website rather unwieldy...

Though I have only ever had to take one thing back myself, (a faulty DVD drive), I have been witness to a number of returns taking place. In my experience they are always polite, and try to be helpful. They are, however, in my humble opinion, a little too "upfront" in pointing out that there may be a charge if no fault is found. Whether such a charge is actually applied in practice, I don't know. I suspect, (only suspect, on gut feeling), that in fact it isn't.



  Danny-389075 12:58 18 Oct 2005

I have used rl supplies for many years and have never experienced a problem, on one occasion i brought a motherboard, which i believed to be faulty.
They tested it and showed it to me working and charged me £10. Considering the effort they put in and the fact they did a full windows install i feel the charge was fair.
Why shouldnt they charge for their engineers time??

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