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Rights to a refund?

  Simsy 19:31 24 Oct 2010


I'm not really expecting a problem, but I just want to be prepared...

I built a new PC recently, about 5 or 6 weeks ago, with all new parts.

There have been a couple of issues since the start, which I have been working on, but another one has arisen, that is definitely a motherboard fault;...

The ethernet socket is not working. It's not detecting that a cable is plugged in. I dual boot with Win7 and Ubuntu, on two seperate HDD, and it has failed on both, and with a several "live" linux CDs. I have tried different cables and router ports. The cables all work, as do the ports, with a different PC. It's definately the Ethernet socket, i.e. the motherboard!

My question is, given the timescale since I bought it, about 6 weeks ago, and the fact that it is faulty, do I have the right to a refund? (I do have the exact date I bought it... but at home and I'm writing this at work)

I realise that there are other options, such as a replacement, but I can't really afford to be without the computer because of some work I need to do, though I can do without the internet on the machine in question. If I were to agree to a replacement it would probably mean being without the computer for about a week, allowing for postage. If I am entitled to a refund I'll buy a replacement locally and have the PC up and running the same day.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I'm looking for someone speaking with authority as to what my rights are, not just opinions!

Thanks in advance,



  Simsy 19:38 24 Oct 2010

I've just logged in to my account...

26th August I got the parts, so that's just over 8 weeks ago,



  spuds 19:52 24 Oct 2010

If the motherboard is faulty, then the supplier would possibly need to verify this before offering a refund or replacement, so delays could longer than you think or anticipate.

If you want 'someone speaking with authority' then there's no better place than Trading Standards or Consumer Direct click here

  Forum Editor 22:56 24 Oct 2010

on the motherboard the situation is as follows:-

You are entitled to a refund or replacement, but before supplying either of those the supplier has the right to inspect and/or test the suspected faulty board.

Unfortunately this will mean a delay, and there's nothing you can do that will avoid it.

  Simsy 10:11 25 Oct 2010

Is the timescale an issue here?




  Simsy 10:13 25 Oct 2010

a bit ambiguous...

What I'm referring to is the fact that I've had this for 8 weeks. Does this timescal affect my right to a refund?




  Forum Editor 17:36 25 Oct 2010

If goods prove to be faulty within a 'reasonable' time from the date of supply you can insist on a refund. If a fault manifests itself after the 'reasonable' time, but within six months of the date of purchase the law makes the assumption that it (the fault) was there when the goods were supplied, and the onus is on the retailer - your motherboard must be replaced, or repaired within a 'reasonable' period.

What is reasonable in this context is a matter for conjecture, and if a case came to court the judge would decide.

In the case of of a motherboard a repair is likely to be a non-starter, so the supplier would presumably send you a new one. If you would prefer a refund you should talk to the supplier

  Simsy 17:40 25 Oct 2010



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