Rights if inadvertabtly corrupted software?

  Dragonsteeth 20:47 25 Jan 2009

I want to know my rights. I have a new PC. Plugged in the VGA cable but no signal. I turned the PC off via front pwr button. This , I now know, may have corrupted the software (vista..)
The manufacturer said that I have to plug the VGA cable into the DVI port using a converter which should have been supplied but wasnt. (There were no instructions with the PC to use a converter )They are sending the converter. Fine.
BUT if the software is corrupted due to incorrect shutdown do I have the right to demand the supplier replaces the PC with a freshly installed vista?

  100andthirty 20:53 25 Jan 2009

I suggest you take one step at a time and avoid making assumptions about what may or may not have been corrupted. Get the adaptor, and verify you get the computer displaying on the monitor. Then, if it boots properly, then all is well. If it doesn't, call the supplier and tell them it doesn't boot properly.

It's a new computer and all you've done is only what any reasonable person would do if they can't get a display on the monitor.

  MAT ALAN 20:56 25 Jan 2009

Dragonsteeth, me old conker by shutting down ONCE by using the power button will certainlt NOT corrupt any of your software only by continuous use of this method MAY corrupt. I suggest you stick to your original thread a nd ask the questions there having two threads will only confuse things...

  Dragonsteeth 21:04 25 Jan 2009

Hi mat alan.
This is my rights the other tread was about the tech alright sweet? The fact is that this supplier has already cost me one contract... I dont know about you, but I cant afford to lose money.
The supplier did not tell me to convert the VGA, it didnt put a converter in the PC package, now I learn from you that the software MAY be corrupted...I CAN NOT afford a may be. COMPRENDO?
Hence the tread to know my rights.
I wil follow 100and 30 advice. But if it fails to boot up I'll be raising hell.
And why the hell wasnt this mess picked up by the PC advisor reviewer/tester? Talk about confusion!

  MAT ALAN 21:13 25 Jan 2009

it didnt put a converter in the PC package.
probably because you do not need one, if you needed one we would ALL get one, and please no more smart remarks i am here to help and hopefully point you in the right direction...

  tullie 21:29 25 Jan 2009

How about sticking to original thread and tick this one.Mat Alan is trying to help.

  Forum Editor 23:09 25 Jan 2009

Responding to someone who tries to help you by insulting them is going to get you nowhere, and if you do it again I'll close your thread permanently.

I suggest that you calm down a little and listen to the advice you are being offered. Shutting down Vista by powering off your machine is extremely unlikely to have caused any damage at all. I suggest that you wait for the converter that is on its way to you, and then try the computer again - I'm almost certain that all will be well.

As for "why the hell wasnt this mess picked up by the PC advisor reviewer/tester?" What mess would that be?

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