Richtek phone call

  Flying Teddy 15:43 06 May 2010

Today I got a phone call from someone saying that they represented Richtek, who are "an associate of Microsoft Windows". He told me that they had a report from my computer that it was heavily infected and that I must follow his instructions in order to rectify this. Obviously loud alarm bells at this point, but i decided to run with it for some fun. Briefly, this is what he said:

1) start | run | cmd | 'assoc'

Predicted list of file associations appears. "This is the list of infected files". Blimey!

2) Go into application event viewer. "Any more than 3 errors is considered to be heavily infected" I had 72 (over some time) completely unassociated with virusses! I think I was supposed to be worried at this point

3) He had me type 'Windows security warranty service' in to the Indexing Service Query Form, and run search. Lo and behold the service wasn't running and there was an error number, which - apparently - proved that my Windows Warranty had expired!

So guess what? All I had to do was log on to the Richtek support website and (and here's the nub i feel) for a fee, all my troubles would be over.

At this point (after over 15 minutes!) I got fed up of stringing him along, told him he was talking b*!!*(ks and I rang off.

The sad thing is that if I had a little less PC knowledge - and it's not all that great as it is - I may well have fallen for it. Also, I've never known these scams to be tried by phone before. Am i behind the times? This is a worrying developement I think.

PS. I run XP Pro SP3, I use AVG free and Zonealarm free and - touch wood - I've never had any serious problems.

  spuds 16:09 06 May 2010

There are other postings within the forum regarding similar telephone calls. Apparently the calls are a scam, so just ignore them.

  KremmenUK 06:55 07 May 2010

Unfortunately there are some computer unsavvy people out there who will likely be sucked in.

I want a phone call to have some fun :-)

  Naomi10 20:53 09 Jul 2010

I had a call from Richtek who said they were Microsoft. They told me that my computer had viruses and that the firewall was not functioning. Foolishly I paid them.
I contacted Microsoft immediately I became aware of the scam but they did not reply. How can these fraudsters get away with it for so long.
I have contacted the relevant authorities, but nobody seems to be able to do much.

  granma.m 17:41 13 Jul 2010

I have just had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft to tell me my computer was infected with just about everything possible and would I please switch it on.(my grandson was using it at the time).
I told him where to get off! So if you get a call from someone with an Indian accent calling himself Smith BEWARE.

  HondaMan 09:49 22 Jul 2010

Having looked here click here I would have been very wary. It depends on how and how much you paid. Hopefully, it was by credit card, so S.75 might apply.

  Naomi10 15:50 15 Oct 2010

I did pay by debit card and originally the bank credited me with the money, a total of £120 until they investigated. This week the bank has written to say they could not help me and have debited my account. I have been to the police and trading standards and now I'm off the Citizens Advice Bureau to see if they can help. Will keep you posted.

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