RIAA and MPAA's battle plan against piracy.

  TOPCAT® 12:27 05 May 2003

I don't condone piracy in any shape or form, but I think they are definitely going over the top with this.

One draconian method proposed here can attack a user's PC, rendering it unusable. If such measures are employed,lawyers on both sides of the fence are going to have a (battle) field day. Have you any thoughts on this issue? TC.

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  Falkyrn 12:44 05 May 2003

Interesting legal points raised .... and while I don't condone piracy in any shape or form I would also consider these actions as potentially illegal.

But they are not the first as early forms of protection hit mac users harder than some PC users in that their systems often suffered hardware damage to cd drives

  Falkyrn 12:45 05 May 2003


especially liked the quote about the 84 yr old

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:20 05 May 2003

If you use a knife/gun illegally it is taken off you plus you get the full force of Plod's long arms. I see no difference in disabling a computer that has been used illegally.

over and out.


  kane_2002k 16:10 05 May 2003

...deciding the punishment for a crime, but rather individual companies and it that sense alone it appears wrong, also how long do u think it's gonna take for someone to crack these programmes and use them like viruses, and therefore end up targeting innocent people too.

  TOPCAT® 16:19 05 May 2003

if this 'disablement' software only deleted illegal material on a hard drive. Trouble is, you have to be mighty sure it doesn't harm any other files in doing so.

We all know most software can indeed be quite fickle at times! :) TC.

  kane_2002k 16:38 05 May 2003

what is proposed isn't the deleteing of illegal material, but rather the shutdown of a PC, or internet connection for a number of hours, or terminally - still think this is a just punishment??, just imagine the havoec this could cause if used purposely by someone, who had managed to crack the code or whatever of this programme.

  TOPCAT® 18:34 05 May 2003

There is indeed proposed software under development - it may NOT be used yet, I have to add - that is designed to do precisely that. It's this and other dangerous intrusions, allegedly in development, that give rise to my concerns.

On the other side of the coin, maybe this guy has the answer? TC.

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  Forum Editor 19:19 05 May 2003

it's perfectly possible to do this now - it doesn't need specially developed software, and any real hacker worthy of the name could do it fairly easily to any unprotected computer he/she came across while wandering the internet.

The difference in this case is that it would be possible to specifically target the individual machines of software and music thieves. That shouldn't worry the vast majority of us because we aren't stealing anything, so we are in no danger of having our hard drives wiped in the night, or of coming home from work to find our computers a heap of smouldering metal.

We seem to be seeing a thread about software piracy about once a week at the moment, but there's no possible justification for stealing from other people and those who do so are possibly beginning to realise that the software and music industries are deadly serious about protecting their property. People who download pirated software and music have really got nothing to complain about if the rightful owners come knocking on their digital doors do they?

  justme 20:01 05 May 2003

Surely what is being advocated here by the music industry is a virus, ie a piece of malicious code designed to destroy files or cause damage to a computer. There are already laws in America and most civilised countries which are specifically designed to deal with people who write a virus.

Does the music industry really want to be charged every time someone's computer is attacked by this virus? No matter how justified they feel about releasing such a program they are committing an offence and, especially with the sue everyone and everything way of thinking in the States, they are leaving themselves wide open to multiple law suits.

Seems reminescent of the wild west vigilanties..hang them first and then give them a fair trial.

As a final thought, perhaps everyone else should keep their head down as the Americans have built themselves quite a reputation for hitting innocent people with "friendly fire".

  Coaster3 20:14 05 May 2003

I think that Gandalf and the FE are saying that two wrongs DO make a right!

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