Review from the other side PCA?

  powerless 19:39 25 May 2003

Would PCA ever allow one of there readers to write a review of a product?

Hardware, for example "A printer" and tell of there experiences, How easy was it to install, likes and dislikes, etc, etc?

Software, for example "Microsoft Works suite 2003" and again, how easy was it to install. Maybe tell a little story after a few months how are they finding it...

I know you have reviewers already that "work" for the PCA team but coming from a person who uses the piece of software or hardware in there home - to me gives a little more insight (i think thats the word) into a product.

You allowed (i forgot his name) to review a computer game so would you allow anymore reviews from "someone at home"?

Just a thought!

  howard60 20:24 25 May 2003

nice idea - it would also show up the bits that the experts! forget to mention.

  VoG™ 20:35 25 May 2003

An excellent thought, Powerless. Presumably there would have to be some sort of disclaimer in the mag.

  Rtus 23:20 25 May 2003

Im waiting to see how we faired with the SO6 review..But I would like to see hardware tested by us the users..But I fear that might turn out to ba slightly expensive......So maybe not eh.

  Rtus 23:22 25 May 2003

Gawd' been round horses all day dont know how the sheep got into it...LOL

  Forum Editor 23:25 25 May 2003

with varying degrees of success. Don't forget that our reviewers are real people, with real computers, and all of them use computers at home, just like you.

We certainly can't afford to provide readers with hardware to test, and it's not easy to get manufacturers to do it either - we don't keep the review hardware, it has to be handed back; often so that it can go to another magazine.

  powerless 23:39 25 May 2003

So there is not even the slightest chance?

  graham√ 12:13 26 May 2003

There's nothing to stop someone from reviewing a product they have recently bought, it would be of particular interest if it was new or the latest version.

  crx1600 12:33 26 May 2003

have you not spotted the 'readers choice' section each month.

where a reader looking to make a purchase, is helped to look over a selection of products that are suited to their needs and budget.

they have a play with each, giving their thoughts on likes and dislikes and make a decision at the end.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:05 26 May 2003

Reviewers tend to have had experience of many different types of printer/computer/hard drives. The public rarely has the experience....I have only owned two makes of printer so giving a review of my latest is a bit pointless as there is little to compare it with.

Reviewers are also detached as theya re supplied with the items. If you buy an item then there is a deep feeling that it must be good as you have had to shell out hard cash; this will influence any review.

OTOH there are plenty of reviews within consumerwatch when anyone asks the forums' opinions on scanners, printers, cameras etc.


  powerless 17:26 26 May 2003

I knew someone would say "Readers Choice" and yes i have spotted it and i do read it. But i think it's different to one person making a review. (without PCA having a say, no offence)

Mr G, i see your point - But who says you have to compare it? Just review what you have in front of you and write what you will...

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