The review of the new MS Surface Pro

  wee eddie 00:36 08 Dec 2015

It's a load of waffle with a few graphs attached, to keep the nerds happy.

Whoever wrote it must have picked the machine up, but there is little about the practical things that a potential Owner might be interested in. Such as, how easy is it to replace the battery. How much useless Software and Apps is it loaded with. Is any useful software included. Does it, or does it not, have a fingerprint reader, you don't actually say. You slipped in a line, that the Facial Recognition is not included in UK models, almost as "small print".

In fact the Review is almost as sycophantic as that pathetic 1960's style Advertisement that has been haunting the top of this Forum for the last week or so. I have/had been planning to get one but reading something as uncritical as PCA's Review makes me think that there is something to hide.

  Forum Editor 07:52 08 Dec 2015

"I have/had been planning to get one but reading something as uncritical as PCA's Review makes me think that there is something to hide."

That's a pretty daft allegation to make - why would we possibly want to hide anything?

I think you must have read a different review to me - I found all the information I wanted, and the specs are clearly laid out in the review.

Microsoft says the the battery has a life expectancy of around four and a half years in normal use, and I, for one, would think about upgrading to a newer device before then.

I think I agree with toejams.

  morddwyd 09:26 08 Dec 2015

Having decided to go for the Surface Book not the Pro 4 (purely on screen size) I find I have to wait until the spring.

However, I did not make my decision based on just one review, however well trusted.

  wee eddie 10:19 08 Dec 2015

FE, you are young, salaried, and therefor able to consider replacing your kit quite frequently. I am 70 and was expecting that I might get 5 or 6 years use out of it, maybe more.

I have to assume, from what you have said, that the battery is soldered into place and has a life expectancy of 54 months. From that, I think that one could expect battery life to start deteriorating within 36 months. I'd have hoped for more for my £1000.00.

I think that I shall move my planning onwards and carry on using my Phone for "on the move" stuff.

  Forum Editor 16:24 08 Dec 2015

wee eddie

"FE, you are young, salaried....etc",

Wrong on both counts.

I am far from young, and I am not salaried. I work for PCA on a freelance basis, and have done so ever since I became Forum Editor. I have another life professionally, but that's not relevant here.

The Surface pro battery is not user-replaceable, which is hardly surprising in a device that is only 8.4mm thick. You can have the battery replaced, but it would be expensive right now. In four years time it will undoubtedly have become a lot cheaper.

If you simply want a good device for use on the move, I recommend an iPad - cheaper than a Surface Pro, and very good indeed. I use one with a mobile broadband SIM when I'm travelling, and carry a laptop for use in hotels, or at meetings with clients.

Take a look at an iPad if you haven't already done so - best mobile device I've ever used (and I've used a lot of them). I have a Bluetooth keyboard for mine, but I don't need to use it very often. I can access all my work files in the cloud, and I have a Microsoft Office 365. What's not to like?

If I really want to travel light I have an iPad Mini, too.

  wee eddie 18:04 08 Dec 2015

I was looking back.

PCA have been very dismissive of a number of Mobile Phones, whose battery is not user-replaceable, referring to their possible lack of longevity as a considerable negative factor.

Should one not treat the Surface Pro in a similar manner.

Anyway, I'm willing to bet that MS would deny all responsibility, should the battery fail in a period shorter that the estimated 54 months that you mentioned. I can see no reference to this in any of the literature on the MS Site that promotes the Surface Pro.

  wee eddie 18:11 08 Dec 2015

I would class the belief, that battery replacement would become cheaper in the future, in the same category as that of John Fromm and "Cargo Cults" of the Pacific Islanders

  Forum Editor 11:30 10 Dec 2015

Battery replacement will become cheaper, as most things technology-related do, with the passage of time. In any event, if the life expectancy of a battery is your prime concern you will be better off with a laptop. Portable devices will increasingly have batteries that are not user-replaceable. I can't change the battery in my phone, but it doesn't worry me - it will last as long as the phone does, and if it doesn't I'll have a new one fitted by one of the dozens of independent phone repairers. The same will apply to the Surface Pro, and my iPads, etc.

  Gordon Freeman 14:42 10 Dec 2015

I have/had been planning to get one/ I'd have hoped for more for my £1000.00

Then the simple answer is, don't get one, and look for an alternative which you're happy with.

  wee eddie 18:01 10 Dec 2015

I was hoping for a machine that had a longer lifespan than 40 to 50 months.

FE, you consider that batteries will be readily available and easily installable, by a professional, in 2019/20.

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