Returning a PC to PC World

  bta1 08:45 08 Nov 2005

I brought a PC on the 17th october (within 28days) and i have had al kinds of trouble culminating in three blue screen stop errors. i rang their support line five times, and at the end of the fifth time the guy said 'the best thing you can do is take it back, because it will take at least two weeks to get an eningeer out to you and then you'r 28 days will be up.' So Tonight i am going to return it.
I rang PC World to tell them that i wanted to just swap the tower, but now they don't do that model any more. So they wont have the actual PC i brought in stock. The woman in the call centre said 'you have to take back the entire package you brought and we will swap it.' But i have a funny feeling it might not be as easy as that. I don't know why. Has anyone ever taken a PC back to PC World and was it easy? As far as i know 28 days is the cut off, and i am within that. Just wanted a bit of reassurance really.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:10 08 Nov 2005

Be polite, take it back, make a note of the phone calls and you should be fine. If they have not got the same model ensure that you get the same type or 'slightly' better. It is not PCWorlds' fault that it keeps blue screening and I'm sure they will help you as they are liable to by law.


  wee eddie 09:13 08 Nov 2005

Then delete anything you don't want passed to another PCW client

  Arnie 10:28 08 Nov 2005


Just because your player broke down after the 12 months guarantee period, it does not mean you have no case against the company. I have read on many occasions, people being awarded costs by small claims courts. This is because the court thought that the item should had lasted longer than the manufacturer's prescribed 12 months.

Ring Trading Standards and see what they think.

BTW I am not criticising your judgement on your choice of player.
I am curious to know why you need such a huge HD storage?


  Arnie 10:29 08 Nov 2005

Sorry wrong thread. Ignore!

  Dizzy Bob 10:41 08 Nov 2005

The machine would be exchanged for the same or as Gandalf <|:-)> says for 'slightly' better. Due to the nature of the product, models change pretty frequently, so for instance a PAckard Bell 1806 may only be around for a few weeks before being replaced with an 1807. The spec difference is usually minimal, but it is a competetive marked so manufacturers have to stay current. If you particularly want that model, see if the store can source one from another branch for you. Gandalf's advice around how you approach the guys in store is excellent. Get them 'on-side' and they will generally be pretty flexible, be an arse and they will generally revert to 'policy' (human nature really!)

let us know how it goes


  jack 12:14 08 Nov 2005

This is of course allied to the seeming intractable problem with retailers fixing and selling on as new returned kit- and the furore that ensues when it is discovered.
Much coverage in the consumer pages of PCA in the recent past
I guess that much gear is returned because the buyer has a problem with the kit which initself may nothing more than a minor tweak- and the customer insists in his rights- quite rightly.
The retailer does the swap and then makes the amnedment puts it back on the shelf.
In its self not a terrible thing for an inert object, but when it comes to a computer then the task of unloading and cleaning the drive and reinstalling the software to a 'virgin' state can become a major problem for a high turn over out let, but then they have the power to reurn such stock for rectificaion to a central point instead of instore.

I have come across such machines from small local builders.
One when I investigated it for a problem discovered it was registered to a firm of solicitors
How come you may ask- The answer was simple - the solictiors ordered a quantity and the builder over built as back up. When the dust had settled he put this one out for general sale - fair enough its was a 'New unused' machine, but he should have cleared the disk first.
Another - genuinely registerd to the owner but came with one an unidentified card in of the EISA slots.
Another overbuild situation?

  spuds 12:43 08 Nov 2005

What as been previously stated is quite correct in my experiences with PC World. Treat the staff in a polite respectful manner,and everything should run its course smoothly. Unless of course you have a very ignorant manager, and there are some within PCW, from time to time.Remember, at the end of the day consumer law, could be to your advantage, more so with a new machine.

  The Moog 15:03 08 Nov 2005

I had occasion to take an overheating Advent PC back to a PC World store back in Feburary this year. I was just inside my 28 days however. The engineer on site ran some tests to try replicate the over heating issue and concluded that there was no fault. I knew for a fact there was - running a game of medium demands on the system would cause a cut out after about twenty minutes and the fans (case and CPU) were making a sound similar to a Spitfire on idle.... not nice! I stuck to my story and asked to speak to the manager, all the while remaining polite and respectful of the people I was dealing with.

The manager listened to my case and announced I was welcome to choose another pC of equal spec. The Advent I had taken was discontinued (very quick turnaround on PCs there, isn't there?) but I was offered a superior Compaq and free upgrade to a TV card. I was advised to keep the monitor I bought with the Advent PC.

All in all - a good result for me I thought.

It is best to treat anyone in these situations with respect and courtesy. Put yourself in their place. Would you feel disposed to go out of your way to help some screaming, abusive idiot??? (Not that you would be, of course)PC World, rightly or wrongly, seem to get a lot of those in their stores

  bta1 21:45 08 Nov 2005

Well, i took it back and no problems.
i was polite (i don't know if i give off the impression that i am not polite, but i am.) and the first thing the guy said was 'we don't do these anymore mate, i'll get my manager.'
At which point i tried to make myself look big (much the same way a cat would.)
Manager came out with a lovely smile he said 'i can try and find you one from the other stores., or we can get you a different one.' I chose the different one the manager winked and said 'lets have a look shall we.' and my word what a different one. Better graphics, bigger HD, better looking (shallow i know.) and it doesn't make any funny noises. i didn't have to pay extra and they let me keep the 19inch TFT monitor and photo printer that came with the original package. We just swapped the base unit.

very impressed with PC world tonight. It wasn't any trouble at all.
Thanks for the reassurance everyone.

  Simsy 06:20 09 Nov 2005

with PC World... (though when I go in for a look they do seem to be a bit pricey on components), but there often are complaints about them on theses pages.

It's nice to here that it can go well.

Which branch was it.... I think we should be told!



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