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Returning a laptop bought online

  Gordon Freeman 08:48 23 Sep 2019

Hi, grateful if someone can assist with some advice. I bought a laptop end August thru ebuyer, it's an i5 laptop.

I've obviously opened it, used it & loaded ms office on it, but I'm not totally happy with it so wanted to know where I stood about returning it for a full refund?

I thought I'd ask on here before approaching ebuyer.

I've read on their site about a 14 days cooling off period, but I've gone past that, so am a bit unsure where I stand. Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 09:45 23 Sep 2019

As WR has said. It depends on what you're not happy with.

If it was a Low Cost Model and it's having problems editing pictures, you have made a mistake. There is nothing wrong with it, that's not what it was designed to do.

Again, if it only has 16/32GB Storage, which M$ Office will consume a goodly chunk of,the problem is really yours. You bought something with a Specification below your requirements.

It is possible that they would take it back for a full refund, but that is unlikely as its value will have dropped because of your use of it.

However, you may be able to negotiate an exchange for a more powerful model. Much will depend on how you paid for it and you will be at their mercy.

Sorry for the bad news

  HondaMan 11:45 24 Sep 2019

In the UK you have 6 months, if anything goes wrong the supplier is legally obliged to rectify it within a reasonable time or give you a full refund. However, as Wee Eddie has said, if you made a mistake you are on your own, and the attitude/gernerosity of the retailer

  Gordon Freeman 12:48 24 Sep 2019

Thanks to all respondents. I'll contact ebuyer & see what they say. There's nothing wrong with the laptop, it functions perfectly, but in hindsight maybe I should have gone for a higher spec.

  wee eddie 12:53 24 Sep 2019

GF: you're not alone.

Good luck

  Gordon Freeman 13:25 24 Sep 2019

OK contacted them but because the 14 days period had passed by, I can't return it for a refund. Pity, but not the end of the world.

  x13 13:49 24 Sep 2019

Should be pretty good if an i5 6th gen or higher. What usually affects the performance is having an ordinary HDD instead of an SSD installed. If it only has a spinner it might be worth taking it to your local computer shop and upgrading the drive unless you can do it your self.

  Gordon Freeman 13:58 24 Sep 2019

I did get the spec I laid out in the other thread, Menzie, in the form of a new Lenovo E590 (instead of a cheap refurb), latest gen i5, win 10 pro, (256gb SSD too) etc., but I didn't feel it was/is as nippy as my older Samsung i7, so that was the 'mental' benchmark I was measuring against, if you understand me?

It's actually a decent machine but I just don't get the feeling of speed with it.

I'm stuck with it now anyway, so as I get more used to it I'm sure any negativity will disappear & its performance will become the new 'mental' benchmark.

  Forum Editor 16:04 24 Sep 2019

"There's nothing wrong with the laptop, it functions perfectly, but in hindsight maybe I should have gone for a higher spec."

Many people know that feeling, but - as you have discovered - it is not grounds for returning a purchase after several weeks have gone by unless the seller agrees to it.

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