Returned from being "fixed" Mesh PC still crashes.

  malfranks 14:36 05 Aug 2005

History of my Mesh PC so far...

The PC originally arrived with a failed install of XP Pro. The rescue partition didn't work and I had to install it myself from scratch (after managing to rescue the drivers from the hard disk).

During games I'd get BSODs, lock ups and reboots. I noticed that the temperatures on the graphics cards (two Inno3D Geforce 6800GTs) were getting well into the red zone and I was also getting messages about there being insufficient power for the graphics cards and it then automatically underclocked them.

Spoke to Davey who was a great help and arranged for the PC to be repaired.

A couple of weeks went by and my PC was finally returned to me.

For a while it seemed that the PC was OK, but that was mainly because I wasn't doing much in the way of gaming due to work load.

However that appears to now have been wishful thinking

The cards no longer go up to high temperatures but I'm still getting lock ups in all games and spontaneous reboots (monitor goes into standby and doesn't return after the reboot until a hard reset is applied) about twice every 3 days or so.

Sent emails to Davey a couple of weeks ago (just sent another one), but no reply. Used their online helpdesk to request assistance - still waiting over 2 days later for reply.

I'm starting to wish I'd never bought this PC. Would I be justified in saying this PC wasn't fit for purpose and start asking for either a replacement or my money back?

  malfranks 14:39 05 Aug 2005

Blimey, just as I post this I get a reply from Mesh tech support. Unfortunately it seems to be the standard upgrade drivers response - however I'm not feeling particularly confident that this is merely a software issue.

  MESH Support 15:36 05 Aug 2005

The response you received was actually in reply to a separate request for help you submitted to our online support tool.

Your email of this morning led to an arrange discussion of your problem with the support supervisor. We wanted to get all the necessary information together before calling you.

Thanks to your post though we now know that if we offered a replacement system you would consider it.

The engineer is due to call you shortly regarding the problem and if necessary offer the replacement as an option.

Mesh Support

  malfranks 16:02 05 Aug 2005

Thanks again Davey.

Just received a phone call, they're sending me a label for its return.

  malfranks 08:00 10 Aug 2005

No wonder it's still broken. All that was done on the last return was a replacement SATA cable and some BIOS settings changed.

I've managed to VNC into the PC after it's rebooted while playing a game and a message saying the one of the graphics cards has been removed and it can't do SLI.

Checked Device Manager and it only shows one of the two cards. As always a hard reboot returns the "missing" card.

To add to that since its return the chipset fan doesn't work for 30 seconds when the PC is started and makes a din instead - before it starts working properly.

  malfranks 19:37 23 Aug 2005

Well I've just received my replacement pc and first thing it said after the usual start up gubbins was "SLI link not connected"!

  MESH Support 08:56 24 Aug 2005

It's highly likely that the bridge or clip has worked loose during transit.

I will have an engineer calling you shortly.


Mesh Support

  malfranks 09:47 25 Aug 2005

Thanks Davey.

Opened case and one of the ends of the small card wasn't attached to the main graphics card.

Engineer called and I removed the holding bracket, reattached the sli connector, after turning it around 90 degrees as requested by the engineer. J1 on main card and J2 on 2nd card.

Though i suspect, as pictures in the manual for the A8N SLI Deluxe shows this connector attached in both directions and the "goldfingers" on both cards look symetrical - direction isn't important :)

System seems to be stable, have some games to install though. Only tried Dark Age Of Camelot so far.


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