Retro tech for a Christmas gift?

  [DELETED] 15:57 16 Dec 2018

Amused to see this offered at Ebuyer . A miniature PS One with a few games but no power adaptor. Wonder who would buy something like this? Older gamers perhaps full of nostalgia possibly.

No affiliation with Ebuyer whatsoever so not intended as spam. Just wondering if there is life in retro tech like this as it's not cheap in my opinion?

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  Aitchbee 21:02 16 Dec 2018

The latest Cliff Richard cd or even better a Daniel O'Donnell dvd ?

  [DELETED] 21:19 16 Dec 2018

Aitchbee at least the music quality would be acceptable. PS One graphics are diabolical compared to today's standard. For a stocking filler retrograde tech I wouldn't give more than 30 squids tops and that at a push.

  Aitchbee 21:37 16 Dec 2018

Amiga enthusiasts [from the previous century] might appreciate the latest emulator software which works quite happily inside the Windows OS and thus relive bygone days on their PC ... even makes the clicking and 'boing' sounds etc, of floppy disk drives in action.

  [DELETED] 21:53 16 Dec 2018

So it is Aitchbee . Free emulators as is. As above in my opening post why would anyone produce a mini PS One for just under a hundred quids for poor graphics play on retro tech? There might be a way of installing your long forgotten PS1 disks hidden in the loft but why would you?

Dead in the water I would think. Especially of the price.

  Menzie 01:11 18 Dec 2018

Currently retro gaming is big business. Sony have released the official PlayStation Mini, a Mini Commodore 64 was launched, and Nintendo has launched the SNES and NES mini.

On E-Bay many classic games now seek crazy prices especially the ones that had limited production runs or didn't sell incredibly first time round.

You also have the Rare Software collection released on the Xbox as well as the Sega classics collection released earlier in the year.

On social media sites and streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch there are those who specialise in retro games and there is a thriving base there of fans of both software and hardware from the previous generations.

There are also sites which specialise in selling reconditioned old machines such as the Amstrad CPC with work done such as completely new capacitors and belts for the disc drives.

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  john bunyan 07:58 18 Dec 2018

I must get my 45 year old Akai 10” reel to reel tape recorder out of the loft. Got loads of stero recordings of music and radio shows. In Singapore you could get a recent large vinyl album put on tape for a fraction of the cost. Meant to do this for years so maybe in the new year I’ll have a go. High quality FM tuner , Quad or Leak amplifier, etc. Sound never been equalled

  [DELETED] 16:14 18 Dec 2018


I can understand collectors paying over the odds for the actual older machines and original games. That would be for true enthusiast but these 'mini' consoles are nothing like the originals and have games already in ram. Don't know if you could even load more games on them. Surprised they sell so well.

john bunyan

Good luck with your project.

  Menzie 02:37 20 Dec 2018

rdave13 - Yes some of them can be hacked to run other games and even other systems. The Mini NES for instance has been shown online running PS1 games after being modded.

Before the systems were just stocking fillers, Sega has been licensing out the rights to make mini Megadrive consoles for years now as well as Atari.

The problem with these was complaints surfaced about the quality of emulation and the hardware. Nintendo decided to make a machine, by Nintendo themselves, using quality components and cherry-picked software.

As soon as it was announced and were up for ordering they were sold out. It seems that the popularity was underestimated. Since then they've made the Mini SNES and rumour has it an N64 is in the works.

There is also a the PC Classic as well that runs DOS games. Not quite sure who it would be for as many old PC games can be tweaked to run on modern hardware.

It seems like these mini machines won't be going anywhere soon.

  [DELETED] 19:46 20 Dec 2018


Thanks for the info - quite interesting.

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