Retailers pricing policy?

  shaduf 21:08 19 Nov 2007

Anyone know about retailer pricing law?

Suppose a retailer starts selling a new line. Can he advertise and sell the item on the following basis:
“Our Normal Price £200. Introductory Price £180” This is a new line so he has no history of selling at any previous price.
In this particular case the retailer usually advertises and sells on this basis for a period and then discontinues the item having never sold it at £200.

Another tactic he uses is to state “Our Normal Price £200 Today only £180” and he has never sold the item before and does not sell it again after the one day. So again he never sells it at £200.

There must be a rule on it somewhere but I can’t find it and it is so difficult to use the right terms to Google.

  Crash 22:39 19 Nov 2007

They are probably referring to the manufacturers recommended selling price when they say Normal price so it is legal if thats the case

  shaduf 00:22 20 Nov 2007

They make it clear it is their price by stating "Smith Price" (where Smith is the Company).
Of course in some cases this may be the manufacturers recommended price.

To be a little more specific, this is actually a TV shopping channel.

THanks for your response.


  Kemistri 02:05 20 Nov 2007

I have been told by consumer advice people that a retailer cannot claim that the higher marked price is its OWN normal price unless the product has previously been on sale at that price. Quoting the SRP, if plainly described as such, is acceptable. It is apparently intended to prevent misleading sale discounts. More details if I can find them.

  shaduf 13:02 20 Nov 2007

Thanks, that's exactly what I thought but I can't find a definitive explanation of the rules anywhere.
Not the end of the world but someone will point me to it I hope.

  wee eddie 13:29 20 Nov 2007

The product will be on sale in a small shop somewhere for £200

  interzone55 14:01 20 Nov 2007

The shopping channel may have a store somewhere that sells the item at the "full" price. I know one of the channels has a shop in Hatfield Galleria.

From experience in retail "normal price" is generally Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price (MRRP) and very few companies will ever sell at this price, but most will quote it as the "normal" or "usual" price.

The is specific legislation to cover "Sales", if I recall correctly in order for a price to be classed as a Sale price it has to have been sold at a higher price in the same company for a period of 28 days in the last six months.

  DieSse 17:23 20 Nov 2007

click here

found by googling for ... discount pricing law uk ...

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