Restoring a time lapsed PAG phone #2

  jack 19:59 27 Jun 2005

Well now moving on from version one of this tale,you will all be surprised no doubt to here to night i had a mail fron Vodafone - say 'done your are back on with your £20 restored- just make a call now to get it [email protected]
Well thats good then my faith in human nature has gone up a point ,
I speak too soon.
Punching in to my address book
I hit my name- to my landline number - I am sitting front of it - ringing tone- but my phone does not ring. Instead a gruff male say 'Ullo'
So I ask the number - another mobile.

Try again this time my daughters number another landline in the next town, this time lady- also on a mobile- but not my daughter.

So how does this work, are phone numbers actully stored in the phone or in a data base allocated to each number at the service provider.
Thinking that may be the case I compared my SIM number on the card,with the number I gave with the number they repeated back ,all check
So have they sold my number on then ?

  Methedrine 11:35 03 Jul 2005

I had a similar problem with O2. It turns out that if your sim hasn't been used for six months, they reclaim the number to give to someone else to use on a brand new sim. HTH.

  spuds 12:06 03 Jul 2005

Strange how service providers give conflicting statements. I have a mobile on Cellnet [02] which hasn't been used for well over six months, and still as £12.00 of credit. The message that I keep getting, is that I need to add further credit to re-activate. Failure to do this before April 2006, will result in complete service termination. As I have other mobiles, I am not to bothered, but this post as made me think that a top-up may bring surprises!.

  Pooke 12:06 03 Jul 2005

To prevent it happening, turn it on make a quick call to your home phone. Then turn it back off and forget about it for another load of months.


  jack 15:29 03 Jul 2005

Took to local Carphone warehouse.
Told em the tale - including the very pissed off midland gent.
They took the SIM out put it another phone and it worked fine.- conclusion the phone had gone lulu,
Could be repaired they said -but not gauranteed and would about £35. Out come- New phone for 29.99 and
put in my SIM- all done and I have a spare SIM with
New Number and £10 credit to boot.
This throw away age Eh! - printers phones --wives[if only - no didn't mean it dear]

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