Requirements to run MS Vista

  TOPCAT® 13:01 18 Oct 2005

If you are thinking of getting a new computer and will be upgrading to the Vista OS then this advisory from WinXP may be helpful. TC.


"In general, today's high end machines should be able to run Vista. Beta testers have found that Vista needs at least 512 MB of RAM, with 1 GB being the "sweet spot." That's unless you're running the 64 bit version, for which you'll need (gulp) 2 GB for best performance. You'll also want SATA hard disks, preferably SATA 2. Processor speed is less critical, but Vista will be much better able to take advantage of dual core and multiple processors than XP.

The big question is: what video card do I need to be able to use all of Vista's neat "eye candy" features? It's looking like one of the most important requirements will be a high end video card, with at least 256 MB of memory, because the way graphics are processed in Vista is completely different (switching from bitmap to vector graphics). This makes the graphics quality much better, but requires a more powerful video card because the graphics processor is now doing a lot of work that was previously done by the computer's CPU. You need a 3D card that supports the Vista display driver model and uses a high speed bus (i.e., PCI Express 16 rather than AGP) for the fancy stuff. Vista will still work without the super duper video card, but you won't get all of the graphical effects and improvements."

  bremner 13:27 18 Oct 2005

We have discussed this a number of times - this is one of the threads click here

  sunny staines 18:16 19 Oct 2005

what about the vista approved motherboards that have the vista security components, the hd moniters to view the new hd video, and problems with sharing video and music files on vista.

These are all rumers I had heard about, perhaps some one here in the know could confirm them or kick them into touch

  Stuartli 18:41 19 Oct 2005

I think my trusty 1GB Pentium III will be enjoying the company of XP Pro for some considerable time to come...:-)

  stalion 20:20 19 Oct 2005

if 64 bit is going to be a requirement for vista with hardly any software for it then I can't see it being taken up much

  Snec 20:44 19 Oct 2005

Thanks for the headsup TOPCAT®

I'll get everything ordered on the morrow. Just wanna be amongst the first to throw some money at this one.

I just hope you're right!!!

  TOPCAT® 00:27 20 Oct 2005

I have a feeling that behind the scenes many developers are hard at work now on software to encompass Vista, no doubt with the collusion and guidance of Microsoft. MS want to sell this new operating system to recoup more than just its development costs, so they will give every assistance to all and sundry to achieve this. How well they do on sales only time will tell. ;o) TC.

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