required new keyboard

  wallbash 19:37 01 Apr 2006

The girls and the wife have super new ones , and I need to keep up.

But have got used to a 'wireless one'

But I dont want a new mouse ( very happy with my Logitech 700)

Can you buy just a wireless keyboard WITHOUT a mouse???

  SG Atlantis® 20:45 01 Apr 2006

why buy a wireless keyboard?

Mine doesn't move from the same spot.

I use a fifteen quid MS media keyboard from PCworld and an MX518 mouse £30 to £40 depending on place of purchase.

  rdave13 20:53 01 Apr 2006

"why buy a wireless keyboard?"

If you've got children using your keyboard then a wireless one is a Godsend. Easier to get the various food crumbs out from between the keys. Just take it outside and brush it upsidedown with no need to unconnect. :-)

  SG Atlantis® 21:00 01 Apr 2006

There's plenty of length on my keyboard lead to tip it upside down onto the floor and the use the hoover. Without disconnecting.

I don't see the need for wireless unless you're using media centre and the box is under the telly for example.

All the best gaming gear is wired, what does that tell you?

  rdave13 21:34 01 Apr 2006

It tells me that there arn't many tiny fingers about! I store my keyboard on the highest shelf.

  SG Atlantis® 21:39 01 Apr 2006

This is getting away from the poster's question.

If you buy a wireless set, you can choose not use the mouse wallbash.

Rdave13 I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old, the 2yr doesn't come near the system and the 4yr only when she has permission.

  wallbash 21:48 01 Apr 2006

As I said, my ( who are now 15/17 ) have their own keyboards, but would have loved a 'removable' one when they were very little!And yes at that time would have placed keyboard on a very very high shelf.

Yes I could ... not use the supplied mouse !
But seems a waste.

As for wired /gaming , not for me.

So the question is still open , can you buy a wireless keyboard without a mouse ?

  VoG II 22:16 01 Apr 2006

Yes you need to scroll through this lot click here

As above I do not see the benefit. Wireless mouse. yes, keyboard???

  hzhzhz 22:45 01 Apr 2006
  wallbash 22:57 01 Apr 2006

Wow ... but am frightened to ask the cost !

  rdave13 23:20 01 Apr 2006

To be "eco friendly" none of us should use battery operated units if we can avoid. Sure you all will agree on that. Sometimes it's unavoidable, like me, I use a wireless keyboard because it's a big lump of plastic which I can't hide very well if tied to the comp. The mouse, on the other hand is easily hidden so it's ps2 connected. Having kids 26, 23, 16, 3 years old and one 14 months old I think I know a bit about parenting.

SG Atlantis®, glad to know that you are a diciplinarian, and your four year old listens to you.

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