Reputable source for buying used netbooks / laptops?

  sarahjacintha 18:00 30 Aug 2014


I'm sure this is a tired question so apologies in advance, but the netbook I'm writing this on is literally about to give up the ghost and I can't see this topic when I look through the available sections of your forums.

I want a used Windows 7 netbook; I've tried Windows 8 on a friend's laptop and have found it to be a nightmare. I don't expect the one (Windows 7) I buy to last forever and I probably will buy a Windows 9 affair when it comes out. But I've never bought a used computer before and I'm wary.

Can anybody recommend a good firm with a reputation for supplying decent used laptops / netbooks (whatever you call 'em these days!). I mean one which measures around 10" to 12" - and nothing fancy because as I say, I wouldn't want to pay more than £160. Is that reasonable?

All replies welcome!


  Forum Editor 18:28 30 Aug 2014

Take a look at the Lenovo Thinkpad T400 on this site You would need to nudge your budget by a few pounds, but it would be an ideal machine for everyday use, provided you don't want to play games.

These machines are excellent workhorses, and have a reputation for good build quality. The one drawback is that it doesn't come with a DVD drive built in, but you can buy a portable USB version for around £20.

  sarahjacintha 19:22 30 Aug 2014

Thank you Forum Editor,

Sadly I am prejudiced against Lenovo as I bought one of their PCs about two years ago and it has always been trouble. I did write a few posts about it here - I should have taken posters' advice but I couldn't be bothered sending the thing back to Amazon! My fault I know. I'd heard nothing but good things about 'Lenovo' but I think mine was dodgy from the start. It works, but it is terribly slow and can't seem to concentrate on two applications at once. I've always kept up virus protection / updates etc (Kaspersky)to no avail. I prefer using the netbook on which I'm writing now...

  john bunyan 20:03 30 Aug 2014

My local (excellent) one man repair shop occasionally has used laptops / netbooks from people who do not want to pay for a repair. I bought an excellent 15.5 in Asus (Intel 4 core) laptop for a young relative for £160 not long ago. Advantage is he will "stand by " the machine should it need a repair. Maybe there is such a shop in your area?

  sarahjacintha 20:39 30 Aug 2014

Thanks John Bunyan

There are shops in my area (north Manchester) but they always look a bit seedy.

Well that's probably an exaggeration! I don't know. I'm terrified there'll be something dodgy left on whichever computer they flog me. Or that they'll know I'm not tech-savy by my manner in the shop and then put some sinister remote-control device on it and view proscribed websites under my name. I'm aware I sound paranoid as hell.

You're probably right about many smaller shops being great at what they do and I'm probably missing out by not using them. Also we should support independent businesses, I know that.

Maybe I should take a chance and buy one from the firm the forum editor recommended. I do think that I simply received a dodgy 'Lenovo' product last time. So maybe I shouldn't hold it against 'em.

  The Kestrel 23:29 30 Aug 2014

You could try The Laptop Centre who have laptops within your budget click here seem to be a reasonable company judging by these reviews click here


  Forum Editor 07:19 31 Aug 2014

I'm sorry to hear about your bad Lenovo experience. I've used three of them without any problems at all, and they do have a very good reputation. You obviously got a bad one.

Bear in mind that when you buy a used computer your consumer rights are more or less the same as when you buy a new one, although you do have to make a reasonable allowance for the age of the item when assessing its condition. You'll certainly have plenty of protection, should your chosen computer not be as described.

In the main you would probably be better off buying from a large, well-established seller where second-hand computers are involved. I'm not against local retailers per se, I know there are some very good ones. A large online seller will offer more choice however, and is likely to have a far greater turnover; these companies stand or fall on their customer service record.

  wee eddie 12:41 31 Aug 2014

Although not usually Second Hand, a visit to Morgan's Website might be a good move

  sarahjacintha 13:16 31 Aug 2014

Thank you to Kestrel, Wee Eddie and Forum Editor.

I will investigate your recommendations and let you know how I went on when I buy the thing.

  cruiser2 15:46 31 Aug 2014

I have used a local computer shop for my desk top. I have had it upgraded twice. They give good service and advice. Some minor problems have been sorted over the phone at local call charges. They do have refurbished laptops for sale Worth a visit and I do recommend them May be a bit far as they are in the WN2 2JA area.

  sarahjacintha 11:25 30 Sep 2014

Bought the Thinkpad T400 in the end. And no problems so far; seems good. Thanks for advice.

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