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Replacing McAfee LiveSafe security package

  Laurence WM 10:03 04 May 2015

My Dell PC came with a year's free use of the McAfee LiveSafe security package. This has worked well, I think. But now I would need to pay for another year - £65.

Should I do this? Is there a much better value package? What about the free ones?

What about Microsoft Security Essentials? Is it already present, but turned off, on my Windows 8 package? Or would I download it for free? How does it compare with McAfee?

Many thanks, Laurence

  martd7 10:52 04 May 2015

Think thats a very high price,on amazon the package is £30

Microsoft essentials is basic security I wouldn't trust it to keep my pc safe

I'm sure you will get more informed responses than I can give you

  onthelimit1 14:21 04 May 2015

Most of the free ones Avast, AVG, Avira will do what you need. They may nag you from time to time to buy an 'upgrade', but it's not necessary to do that. Make sure you uninstall the McAfee suite first.

  Laurence WM 17:24 04 May 2015

Thanks a lot mart and onthelimit. Very interesting to learn that McAfee is cheaper elsewhere.

Are Avast, AVG, Avira better than Microsoft Security Essentials?

  onthelimit1 20:10 04 May 2015

I would say, yes. MSE is a bit lightweight compared with the others.

  Laurence WM 09:22 05 May 2015

^Thanks a lot rdave - that's very helpful. Have you got any advice about which security package to use?

Is there a good article or a previous thread about this?

Cheers, Laurence

  wee eddie 11:00 05 May 2015

Laurence: There are a million Threads and Articles relating to the best AV to use.

Basically, all the products, both Free and Paid For, have small failings of some kind or another.

The free ones usually require you to do much of the work yourself and you may need to have more than one program, to cover the whole gamut of potential threats.

There's nothing wrong with McAfee, I run Kaspersky, because I got it as a prize in a Raffle, others swear by, or at, Norton.

Everything is better that MSE, and even MS accept that.

  john bunyan 13:50 05 May 2015

I think on here ,many people would agree that a combination of Free Avast (from filehippo) and ,perhaps malawarebyes Premium (you can get a lifetime subscription as low as £10 sometimes), is pretty safe , and cheap. Add Spywareblaster to deter spy stuff. Come back if you want links. I had Avira on a PC (free( - it was fine but Avira seems to update more quickly; Avira took a long time to load and update.

  Laurence WM 15:08 05 May 2015

Many thanks, Eddie and John: useful advice.

^'I had Avira on a PC (free( - it was fine but Avira seems to update more quickly; Avira took a long time to load and update.'

An error here? Did you mean Avast 'seems to update more quickly'?

  john bunyan 15:45 05 May 2015

Yes , sorry. Avira was slower to update on start up. I now prefer Avast as a free a/v, but many like to have a paid for one such as Kapersky. Years ago I had a paid for suite, Bullguard, and got a nasty virus - but that may just be a coincidence. If you are fairly pro active I think the better free protection programmes are fine. WRT malware, various programmes find things that others do not. I like Malawarebytes for PUP's etc, Superantispyware for ad - aware tracking cookies, and ADWCleaner for browser hi jacking.

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