Replacement software for MS Money

  bigfooted 10:50 13 Dec 2015

My Money 2006 program has finally been updated to death by Microsoft and I am now not able to run it on my system. I am looking for a similar program and would appreciate any recommendations anyone can give. It does not have to be a sophisticated program but should offer many of the facilities Money offered.

  Forum Editor 12:47 13 Dec 2015

The best alternative - to my mind - is undoubtedly Quicken but there are others.

These days a lot of this kind of software is internet based (Quicken is not), so make sure you are getting what you want.

  Jollyjohn 13:11 13 Dec 2015

Have you tried this version of MS Money? click here I have it installed and running on W7 and I have had it running on W10.

  Pine Man 14:50 13 Dec 2015

I run Quicken on both PC and Mac.

It is no longer available in this country but can be bought from Amazon US and delivered to this country. It takes about a week.

  bigfooted 15:26 13 Dec 2015

JollyJohn, many thanks, just downloaded it and it is up and running. The only downer is it will not recognise my original backup files so I will have to rebuild the database manually, but what the heck, at least I am up and running again. Many, many thanks. Also thanks to Pine Man and the Forum Editor for their help and suggestions. Can I also wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Forum Editor and all the contributors to this site and thank them for their time and efforts helping those of us who have contacted the site looking for solutions to their problems.

  Forum Editor 16:00 13 Dec 2015

Best wishes to you, too.

I'm glad you found a solution - thanks to jollyjohn.

  iscanut 19:54 13 Dec 2015

I am running Money 2005 on Windows 10 64 bit so if you still would like to keep Money and want to know how, post back and I will let you know what I tweaked to get it to work.

  bigfooted 11:31 14 Dec 2015

Thanks iscanut, I appreciate the offer but I have now got Jollyjohns version up and running so I will not tempt fate. Best Wishes and thank you for taking the time to reply.

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