Replacement printer advice needed?

  shezzer 21:38 30 Jun 2003

My Canon 4300 printer is on its way out rollers sound noisy and needs a new cartridge about £35.i think i would be better buying a new one and was hoping i could get a few recomendations.It is only for home use mainly for schoolwork and printing off web pages.Cost off ink cartridges being another since i,m the only one who buys them thanks mike

  jessie .x..x.x 23:18 30 Jun 2003

why not buy an epson c42 for around £49.00 internet order ???

Great printer, ideal for school work and printing web pages. Cheap, decent ink from choice stationary ( £10 for colour and blank ink )

Thants what i use and i have NO problems

jes xxx

  jessie .x..x.x 23:20 30 Jun 2003

spelling error - was meant to say ` thats `

  shifty 09:46 01 Jul 2003

I would look at the various printer models currently available and then price up the ink cartridges, and also get a rough estimate on the amount of prints available. I use an Epson printer and an HP printer and find that even though the Epson cartridges are cheaper, the Epson is more expensive to run as it uses twice as much ink going through a cleaning process each time used.

  KARINA 11:16 01 Jul 2003

Why don't you buy a Canon i320 for £44 from ebuyer ...... i bought it as a replacement printer because my son uses my printer to do painting etc........and i use it to do lots of printing off the web as well as tax and vat etc.......i came accross a recommentdation from here - click here , my main reason for buying the printer was as a replacement for my old printer which was a HP Deskjet 840C for which i got sick and tired of paying £29 for colour and £24 for black cartridges........i now buy compatible cartridges for the i320 both colour and black for £4.99 from choice stationery.....i was going to buy the Canon i850 (which i will still).....but i have been so impressed with the I320, which i've had for a month and done alot of printing.........about 1000 sheets so far with lots of photos.........and only changed the cartridges twice............

  shezzer 21:07 01 Jul 2003

Thanks for your help i will do a bit more looking my sisters got the the epson 830 which seems ok but if i can get similar cheaper i will probably go for that cheers mike

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