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Replacement for Logitech DiNovo Edge Keyboard

  Condom 21:43 08 Apr 2020

Many many moons ago I bought the above keyboard on the recommendation of the FE and what a great keyboard it has been. I think my best ever hardware purchase. However the space bar key is now not working great and I'm waiting for replacement parts from the USA to hopefully fix it. Failing that what would you recommend as a replacement keyboard. I don't play games but I have a very large digital music library that I like to personalise hence a lot of typing. I actually saw a new DiNovo for sale but $800 was too pricey for me.

  Forum Editor 23:05 08 Apr 2020

My current keyboard, which I have only been using for a few days is a Logitech K740 with illuminated Keys.

It is beautifully designed and made (as it ought to be at almost £80), with a lovely soft key action, and I look forward to using it for a long time. It's a USB wired keyboard, so no worries about battery life, and the illumination level is variable.

I ordered direct from Logitech, and had to wait for it to come from the Netherlands, but it only took a few days, and in the current circumstances that is impressive.

It might be worth a look.

  Condom 23:44 11 Apr 2020

As you previously had the wireless DiNovo Edge is there any particular reason you went for the wired version rather than the £10 dearer wireless version. I went back to using a wired mouse as I was fed up going through batteries but I didn't have any problems with the keyboard battery which still charges fine. I must say your choice looks good.

  Forum Editor 20:06 15 Apr 2020

I have a personal preference for wired keyboards and mice, although I have used wireless versions in the past - notably the DiNovo Edge (of which I still have two, which I keep because they were so well designed and made).

My current logitech model is a real pleasure to use - it has a beautifully soft key action, and as daylight fades the back-lit keys are a great help.

  Condom 20:31 16 Apr 2020

Thanks for that FE. My second post was because I thought, wrongly, that the 800 was the wireless version of the K740. Clearly it is not and I am now typing this with my new K740 which I must say is good but certainly not as beautiful as the DiNovo Edge. I too am going to keep my Edge and I have ordered replacement switches from the USA and when they arrive I will send the Edge to the Keyboard Co. UK who will replace them for me and give it a service. Her indoors is also happy as she likes the separate numeral keys. Thanks for your advice

  Forum Editor 18:17 18 Apr 2020

No problem. Enjoy your new keyboard. Various writers have rated it highly, and it ticks the boxes as far as I am concerned. Let's see how it stands up over time.

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