Replacement Laptop Screens

  philman1008 09:50 20 Jun 2010

I need a screen for my acer 7520 icy 70 laptop.
Any ideas where is a good place to get one on the cheap??

  birdface 11:42 20 Jun 2010

I had the same problem about 6 weeks ago and just googled for it.
I think E-bay was the cheapest but if choosing from there it is always best to pick someone with 100% record or as near as posible.
It will give you something to look at until someone can help.

  cicaw 10:00 21 Jun 2010

Thanks,click here

  birdface 10:40 21 Jun 2010

A lot of spam threads by cicaw this morning.
FE notified.

  philman1008 17:26 22 Jun 2010

Yes im finding ebay to be the cheapest at the moment. What did you get yours for? Wanna make sure im not paying too much.

  birdface 20:57 24 Jun 2010

Sorry for the delay.
It was for my grandaughter and the person that dropped it said that they would get it repaired.
Still waiting to get it back from them.
So far we have not purchased one from E-bay still waiting to see if it is going to be repaired free first.
But e-bay was far cheaper than elswhere.

  Simsy 18:10 26 Jun 2010

I recently sold my broken laptop, (Motherboard fault), on eBay...

It was a Toshiba, 15.6", being sold without RAM, HDD, Battery or DVD drive... so it was really case, screen and CPU.

It got just under £50 for it, from someone who was obviously, (from their user name), a computer spares seller.

It might be worth trying eBay for a "complete", broken laptop, rather than just a screen. There are alway plenty advertised as "for spares or repair".

Good luck,



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