replacement for homehub 5

  bythor 11:34 19 Apr 2015

Hi. I'm on bt infinity wiht the homehub 5. It reboots more often than I'd like, and BT Delhi have been unable to resolve it despite a new HH5. From other forums it's a known issue with the unit, so I think it's time for me to get something else. I'd be interested to know if anyone here has tried other modem/routers for infinity. thanks bythor

  HondaMan 11:36 19 Apr 2015

If there is a (known) fault with the unit, why should you be put to the expense of repacing it? Get on to, presumably BT, and insist that they sort out the problem.

  bythor 11:49 19 Apr 2015

Thanks HondaMan. I've given up on them, it's too frustrating to contact them - each time I do I need to go back to the beginning and go through their script, explain the fault a couple of times ("no I didn't say it was slow I said it was rebooting") reboot it>try this>try that>try again etc etc. Each time comes up with the same result. They say maybe the problem is at my end, but they'll send another HH5 anyway. Third one is on it's way. Point out to them that it's a known issue with the HH5 and they're not interested/don't understand/it's off their script. I know I could keep on at them, but to be honest life is too short. I'll just get my own. I've found two possibles, Draytek 2860n+ seems to have good reports, if anyone here has tried it I'd be interested to hear.

  HondaMan 10:24 20 Apr 2015

Send them an email, with a "read receipt" and tell them that the router is "not fit for purpose" or faulty and tell them that unless you receive confirmation that they will replace it, you will take appropriate action.

  wee eddie 11:22 20 Apr 2015

Before you give up on it, just try this.

Unplug every cable and start again. Sometimes these problems can be caused by a dry joint, a little oxidation on a contact, that kind of thing.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:58 20 Apr 2015

".......Draytek 2860n+ seems to have good reports........."

Over £200 is an awful lot of money. I'm sure it's a good performer but I doubt that you'll ever use its extra business-class features.

I can confirm that this all-in-one model works well with BT Infinity. Its 5GHz wireless range is a tad poor but that's probably more to do with the limitations of 5G rather than the router itself. The regular 2.4GHz performance is excellent though.

  bythor 20:10 20 Apr 2015

HondaMan and wee eddie - thanks for your suggestions. Having been sent another HH5 with the same problem, and the fault isn't in the cabling, it's just easier to get another brand than muck about. I don't want them to replace it with another one and be back at the same point. Secret-Squirrel - you're right it is a bit on the pricy side, and last night I ordered the very TP-Link model you've recommended. Thanks again everyone.

  wee eddie 00:31 21 Apr 2015

Have you considered that the fault might lie with your PC, not the Hub?

  bythor 08:12 28 Apr 2015

Just to close this one off. Had theTP-Link now for just over a week and it hasn't blinked. Thankfully it was the right move, the homehub 5 units will go back to BT. Thanks to all for your input.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:25 28 Apr 2015

Thanks for the feedback - good to see it's solved your problem :)

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