Replacement fans for 2 week old Moth still buzzing

  PaulB2005 13:59 19 Apr 2005

I recently built a new PC from scratch (my second ever). The Motherboard i used was a Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe and cost £120.

After 2 weeks I decided i had my final shopping list.

I took my time (twice as long as i thought it would take) putting ti together making sure everything was OK. Finally i came to the moment to switch on for the first time. At first i thought nothing had happened, but it quickly seems that my research had paid off. The system was near silent! Only a blue LED and a light hum from the fans would give away it was switched on.

Not so 2 weeks further on. The North-bridge fan is buzzing like mad and it's very annoying. In fact you can hear it downstairs.

I have logged a "Technical Inquiry" with Asus - no reply yet - and i contacted the supplier (nameless for the moment). The supplier sent me a new fan this morning which i have just fitted. Before i fitted the fan i noticed the "new" fan was in fact "used". Removing the fan from the heat-sink there is a lot of dust under the blades. Also the Thermal Interface Material shows it has been used.

Three problems exist:
1) This has obviously come from a board about to be returned to Asus (the supplier wants the old fan back) so is this board been returned for a noisy fan?

2) The fact that the TIM has been used means i can no longer be assured that a complete connection between the heat-sink and the North-bridge chip can be completed and air pockets might remain.

3) The "Push-Pins" are mangled and i would trust one of them to securely hold the heat-sink to the board.

I have now fitted the new fan by removing the old fan from the heat-sink on my Motherboard and putting the new fan in the old heat-sink.

Surprised to find that the same problem exists. Within 2 minutes of cold booting the North-bridge fan is buzzing.

Should i not have a new fan to replace the faulty one?

I really don't want to have to replace the entire Motherboard as this will mean no PC for 7-10 days (maybe longer) and i need it for work.

Further research has show this seems to be a common fault with the board and using a third party solution (the Zalman ZM-NB47J seems to be a popular "fix") but this will invalidate my warranty........

So what should i expect from the supplier and the manufacturer.

(Incidentally it turns out there is now a newer version of the board called A8N-SLi Premium. That board has the same North-bridge chip but a newer Heat-sink and fan for it...... ;-))

  PaulB2005 13:59 19 Apr 2005

Moth = Mobo (spell checker :-))

  TomJerry 14:32 19 Apr 2005

about the "warrenty", you can put the asus fan back when you need to use "warrenty", this is cheat, but what can you do if you cannot working fan from motherboard maker

here is a great chipset replacment fan click here

  PaulB2005 14:46 19 Apr 2005

Those fans are too big. Also the fan fits inside the heatsink and not on top. The one thats been recommended is the Zalman NB47J Northbridge cooler (blue second to bottom)

  retep888 16:16 19 Apr 2005

I have 3 Abit IC7 Max3 and 1 Abit IS7 and all of them using the same Northbridge fan and heatsink.Shortly after the purchase, the fan started making annoying noise,you could hear them from miles away.
I actually sent one of them back for repairing,(2 weeks no pc)but the same problem came back.I did a reserch only to find out it's a common fault,of course they now make newer board with better fans.
I eventually sorted this out by using the old trusty WD40,I carefully took the fans out by leaving the heatsinks intact,squirted a tiny amount of WD40 to the bearing,wiped away the surplus and put them back onto the heatsinks.
After nearly a year now, they're still working perfectly and most important: QUIETLY.

  Rayuk 17:18 19 Apr 2005

Whichever way you jump I would advise you to clean off any thermal paste from the Northbridge.
Best is to use Isopropyl Alchohol from your local Independant chemist.Tried Boots and they didnt even know what I was talking about.

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