Replacement for BTOW Surf at £6.99

  jediknight007 21:55 08 Mar 2003

Hi, I am currently with the above ISP and I just only have about an hour left of unmetered internet before I get cut off until a week's time when I will get another 120 hours of unmetered internet. This will be the second time now that this has happened and on the last time, it was also cut off a few days before my billing date (16th).

This is really annoying me now and i am seriously considering switching ISPs. I am looking for the cheapest free evening and weekend UNLIMITED hours ISP and at the moment, Freeserve Hometime sounds the best as it is at the same price (£6.99) as BTOW and doesn't seem to have any restrictions. However, I have heard from a fellow friend that they might soon be introducing similar restrictions. I really don't mind but I will need at least 200 hours since I go on the internet on average 4 hours during the weekdays and 8-10 hours during the weekends.

Does switching ISPs just involve you phoning up BTOW to cancel your account with them and then phoning up Freeserve to request their services? I am also currently on the BT Surf and Talk Together package for about £18 a month. Will this be affected? Or will my phone bill look exactly the same but the name 'BT Openworld Surf' changed to 'Freeserve Hometime'? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers.

  he he :-) 22:08 08 Mar 2003

no it should'nt affect them and yes just ring them up cancel then join a new ISP I recomend AOL as they have no restrictions.

  he he :-) 22:10 08 Mar 2003

but at times quite slow

  he he :-) 22:14 08 Mar 2003

oh and it's not 120 hours it's 150

  he he :-) 22:15 08 Mar 2003

for btow unlimeted

  jediknight007 22:16 08 Mar 2003

Can I also do it on the website instead? If I go to click here and cancel my account, can I still use the net to go to click here to sign up? If I do it like that, will I expect any other changes apart from the name of the ISP I am using?

  he he :-) 22:21 08 Mar 2003

yep ur email address will change 2 and I recommend u go to freeserve first start an account then btow and cancel and u might beable 2 but u might have to look around on the btow site to cancel they wont want u to find that page and definatly can join freeserve from website.

  he he :-) 22:23 08 Mar 2003

very hard to find ur way around the btow site think it would be better to call them.

  he he :-) 22:24 08 Mar 2003

have to do it quick if u only have an hour left

  jediknight007 22:24 08 Mar 2003

It's 120 hours for BT Surf and 150 hours for BT Anytime.

Well, I can easily find the page for registering with Freeserve but I can't find the page to cancel my account with BT Openworld. I don't even know which number to phone. Since my billing date (16th March) is coming up, if i register with Freeserve and cancel BTOW now, will they start charging me with Freeserve instead or will they still have BTOW on it or even both?

  he he :-) 22:27 08 Mar 2003

u need to call 0870-241-4567

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