Replacement 24" monitor or similar size

  compumac 14:30 28 Oct 2014

I have a problem that I have with my 24" monitor or the DVI cable. The screen will occasionally go of and then come back on again. It is not the graphics board or the internal connection on the PC that is the problem. It is difficult to establish the culprit as the fault is intermittent but I believe it to be the DVI cable and will be having this checked out by the end of the week. Just planning ahead at the moment - but I may be in the market for a replacement 24" PC monitor.

I want one, that the screen, if not adjustable, sits with its lowest part just above desk level, a quality screen, no included speakers i.e. no extraneous extras.

I have to hand a Samsung 21" that is adjustable with regard to tilt and height and fits the bill but is long in the tooth and not large enough.

Any suggestions out there?

  compumac 16:30 28 Oct 2014


Thanks for reply which is appreciated, I have already been looking around but was hoping to hear from users of 24in monitors and their comments.

Again - reply appreciated.

  wee eddie 17:44 28 Oct 2014

Monitor Manufacturers seem to change their Model Numbers with every Production Run, so I doubt that you will be able to find a Model that someone has been using for a few months and found to be satisfactory.

Otherwise, the PCA Reviews will give you a useful guide

  john bunyan 18:25 28 Oct 2014

This one got a good review in PCA - I am thinking of buying it

AOC i2369Vm 23"

  john bunyan 18:29 28 Oct 2014

Here are another bunch, but s0meone posted the controls were a bit "plasticy".


Some can be swivelled 90 deg

  john bunyan 10:11 29 Oct 2014


Thanks. I have no love for Currys but in the unlikely event of wanting to return it, a fiver seems not too bad a premium. I am thinking of buying a small Samsung 23" HD TV for the kitchen, too, and may try to bargain with the store manager to get a bit off the pair!

  BRYNIT 10:54 29 Oct 2014

Is your Monitor the old Square type or a newer wide screen?

Remember the size of the screen is measured from corner to corner, a new 24" wide screen is equivalent to the old 19" square screen when measured from top to bottom of the screen.

  compumac 11:33 29 Oct 2014

BRYNIT Yes it is the new widescreen type. It is a Samsung 24" about two years old and the picture quality is excellent. It is just an intermittent fault that believe in reality is the HDMI cable being suspect. It may be days before the fault occurs and then it may re-occur every few minutes for a short period of time, that is why it is so difficult to pin down. I now have a new HDMI cable available and am awaiting for the period when it occurs frequently and then change cables.

  compumac 16:33 29 Oct 2014


How low does the monitor go. i.e. how high is the underside of the monitor from the desk?

  Gordon Freeman 16:59 29 Oct 2014

I've currently got Iiyama ProLite E2710HDS (27") which is superb, although a few years old now maybe. They do various sizes which might fit your requirements (hope the link works): click here

  compumac 20:01 29 Oct 2014


tick - its de Irish in you.

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