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A reminder of how lucky we are

  Forum Editor 19:08 30 Dec 2010

came my way today.

I had to take a family friend to hospital in London - nothing serious, just some tests - and I dreaded what I thought would be the inevitable waiting around.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. We arrived for the 1:00 p.m. appointment at 12:45, and twenty minutes later my friend was being asked to sign a consent form for the tests. We waited another ten minutes in a quiet, pleasant room, and a doctor arrived to explain what was about to happen. He couldn't have been more pleasant and patient, answering several questions, and explaining to me that my friend was to be sedated, so would need me to take care of her for a few hours afterwards.

The procedure took about an hour, then another hour in a peaceful, modern recovery room with people bringing us both tea, coffee and biscuits. The we were out,and into the car. The whole thing lasted about two and a half hours, and was an object lesson in professional, efficient patient care.

I was very impressed, and thought I would share the experience with you - we see plenty of criticism of the NHS in the media, and sometimes here in the forum. Obviously there are good and bad hospitals, and admittedly we went to a major London one (UCH), but based on what I saw today we have a lot to be thankful for.

  spuds 15:56 05 Jan 2011

I don't think anyone wants to sue or take other actions against the NHS, but at times the only line of action is to do so. Complaining to the appropriate authorities doesn't always seem to work!.

In my comment on Sun 02/01/11 @ 12.45, that family had a very heavy burden and uphill struggle to obtain the truth. It even went as far as the wife of the victim printing a statement of correction in the local newspaper, regarding a so called late apology from the surgeon involved. Apparently, the apology as never been given by the surgeon, and the family is still waiting for a direct contact and apology.

  spuds 16:03 05 Jan 2011

I should have perhaps added in the previous comment, that now all the medical side as been ironed out, the family have taken further advice regarding suing the relevant people and NHS, because of the very expensive after-care, the victim now requires.

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