Relli anyone?

  Jafe 23:24 07 Jul 2009

Im tempted by this computer

Intel Core2Duo E7400
4GB Kingston
nVidia 1024Mb 9600GT
Samsung Lightscribe (DVD+/- RW 20X).
500GB Hard Drive (SATA).
80GB Slave Hard Drive (SATA).
Apevia X-Cruiser Case.
80mm Air Filter Fan.
EzCool 650watt.
19 Inch TFT widescreen DVI
Keyboard & Mouse Set (Black and Silver).
Motherboard Integrated Sound Card.
64 BIT Windows Vista Home Basic.
Gold Warranty.
Free Insured Shipping..

for £654.57

(above take from website)

From Relli ( click here ), wondering is anyone has dealt with them before and could give me their opinion

Cheers for your advice in advance.


  birdface 10:23 08 Jul 2009

Basically I would go elsewhere.No reviews.Hardly anything comes up when Googled and what comes up is an insecured site.
This may be an old company reverting to sell on the Internet.And may be reliable.But without any reviews not worth the risk.

  Jafe 12:16 08 Jul 2009

used their "call back service" ( click here ) on the off chance that if they wanted the business they'd ring.

Half to my surprise they rang me this morning at about ten past nine.

i explained my concerns i.e couldn’t really find much info on them on google and such. He went on to tell me something about how they used to supply to the trade only and are now branching out into retail online. He sounded professional and genuine so I’ve taken a shot and ordered from them. I talked through my spec with him (above) and made a couple of alterations. I’ve also saved some money as I already own a version of vista and they said they can install this for me. So bonus. I’ll keep you guys posted about what’s going on.


  birdface 15:35 08 Jul 2009

click here= Not for me I think.If in the area you cannot drop in to see what they have,
Best of luck.I hope everything goes well.
Maybe someone on here has used them before and will be able to give you a review of how they got on.

  Ventad 17:15 08 Jul 2009

When you google earth the address, it is a house. not to say that it is not good because he could be manufacturing comps. to order like many others and could be branching out.

  birdface 22:24 08 Jul 2009

Not looking great Jafe.I think I would be getting a bit worried now.£650 at stake you have to think should I cancel or not.But as you have probably already paid by credit card it is just a matter of wait and see.
There is very little known about this company searching with Google.
I was wondering how you managed to find it in the first place.
It may well turn out to be a legit company we certainly hope so.
keep us updated as to how you get on.

  Jafe 22:51 08 Jul 2009

google search. think i put in something like "custom pc uk" or "custom computer" can't remember.

After returning from work i checked my email and i've had confirmation email etc. and everything seems to be in order so far. I'll reserve judgement 'till it arrives.

I suppose i may be being a little brave. Yet I was pleased with my phone call earlier and its inspired enough confidence in me to take the risk.

Thanks for your help i'll keep you lot updated.

  Stuartli 23:10 08 Jul 2009

I read the About Us etc on the website last night and there was an opportunity to call by appointment (click here)

But the line doesn't use the correct version of principle/principal....

  smokingbeagle 04:40 09 Jul 2009

Using the "Whois" lookup, Relli shares its IP address with Cougar Extreme (which has a fairly good rep in these forums) and a commercial sign maker of unknown address.

If the two companies are related, you should have no cause for concern.

  Kevscar1 08:19 09 Jul 2009

Companies House doesn't not have them registered.I always check that first before buying.

  Jafe 09:25 09 Jul 2009

well order is placed and paid for. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll let you know how i get on.

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