regurley change contracts or threaten to

  Jameslayer 13:22 28 Oct 2015

Hi its been said many times on TV, Radio and the net but its vital that you check your contracts and when they are near to been out of contractual period shop around. The internet makes this very easy. Even if you have no intention of actually leaving its worth ringing them up.

I had been very silly with my virgin package(TV,Phone,Internet) and I could have changed over a year ago but didnt do anything about it. Well yesterday I finally made the decison as sky are offering a very good package(tv bundles half price for a year with a contract time a year). So after much pricing up IO relised I could get a much better deal by changing.

So I contacted Virgin through their online system and they immediatly offered me £20 off a month and a enhanced tv package which I am umming and arrging about taking, which they then tried to encourage me to buy by saying that the deal is only avaible today.

So by being lazy and not spending 10 minutes online I have paid over £240 more than I need to.

So if you do nuthing else today check your contracts and see how much you could save today.


  spuds 16:14 28 Oct 2015

I think most of have been in that situation, I know for sure I have.

My own ISP is at present offering a rather nice discount on their package deals, and by changing the package I have at present, for a very same or similar package, I could perhaps save £100 per year.

But, and its a big but, I have a rolling contract with them, which leaves me with the option of leaving at anytime. With the new deal, they will lock me into an 18 month (no get out) contract. Perhaps its me, but I simply hate being locked into something, that as it regular problems.

There are other ISP's clambering for my business, at possibly even better deals, but again, the devil you know-the devil you don't, is something that I will stick with.

  Jameslayer 16:57 28 Oct 2015

Both virgin and Sky contracts are both 12 months that I am looking for. Juts need to make my mind up about what contract to go for.

  spuds 17:45 28 Oct 2015

Perhaps a little bit more for you to consider, before making the plunge on your chosen two. click here

  Jameslayer 20:17 28 Oct 2015

that makes interesting reading. I am a existing virgin customer so cant access the new person offers. I can keep my current package and they will charge me £39.

  wee eddie 13:46 29 Oct 2015

3 months ago BT offered me a Speed Boost for £5 a month. This month they offered me the same boost for 50p a month but it went up to £7'ish at the end of the first year and it was a 2 year contract.

Until my new rig arrives I shall stick with what I have.

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