Registry Cleaner pros&cons

  ened 07:20 12 Jul 2008


I have another thread going and was advised to run ccleaner to try to sort out my problem.

I have been using my own computer for fifteen years now and have never before run a registry cleaner. To the best of my knowledge I have not suffered as a result.

I ran this earlier and now find I have an inconvenience in that it has destroyed all my history, my problem wasn't solved and I have noticed no discernable difference in performance.

I am wondering what is the point of such a utility?

  Cymro. 10:00 12 Jul 2008

There are those that believe registry cleaners to be of no use whatsoever and in fact can cause more problems than they fix. I dare say that someone more knowledgeable than me in these things will see this post and tell you more than I can.

But even having said that, I have CC Cleaner installed on my computer and use it from time to time. I do THINK that it helps my system to run more smoothly.

  spuds 11:15 12 Jul 2008

Personally I use Advance Window Care 2 Personal and CCleaner (both free and supported), which I find more than adequate and fairly safe plus easy to use. Use them once a week or as I feel.

In the wings I have Eusing, which was recommended on this forum, but I find this program seems to locate many problems.

  rdave13 19:21 12 Jul 2008

Ccleaner is there to clean out temp files and internet cashe, as an uninstaller and a registry cleaner. On the left pane you have a choice of what to clean. If you'd have unticked the history boxes then it wouldn't have deleted them. One of the best free software in my opinion. Sometimes when streaming a video, say from youtube, and it continually stops for buffering, I'll run Ccleaner and that will usually cure it and the video will stream ok.
I don't use any optimizing programs as Ccleaner and regscrubvistaxp and a disk defragger are enough for me.

  Snec 21:49 12 Jul 2008

Registry cleaners, like a lot of things, are best left alone if you are uncertain of what you are doing.

  ened 09:59 13 Jul 2008

I followed you advice in the other thread and ran the cleaner. I decided to leave everything ticked because I had no idea where the problem lay and decided to 'clean' all departments.

I am not complaining and really appreciated your help. In my case it didn't work. But it is a learning process.

The problem is that I found it didn't cure my problem and this morning tried to do a system restore only to end up with the BSOD.

The History loss was a minor inconvenience but I can't understand why it interfered with System Restore.

My Father regularly runs on of these cleaners and is always calling me with problems and I am beginning to wonder if I have found out why.

  J B 11:24 13 Jul 2008

Have a read of this click here
Should answer all of your questions. J.B.

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