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Reg Mechanic v.6 and Vista, cautionary note.

  anskyber 11:53 21 Feb 2007

I responded to a thread about Reg Cleaners in the Vista forum but on reflection I should have posted here, so apologies to FE and everyone for this double post. I run Vista Home Premium Edition.

Reg Cleaner is excellent in my view, but a cautionary note. I ran the program and it "dealt" with the majority of the issues raised save for about 72. I ran it again, same result. The PC Tools web site encourages sending a copy of the scan log to them if this happens, which I did.

The reply (which I got promptly) is as follows

"Our current Operating System specs for Registry Mechanic are as follows:

Designed for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP, with basic support for Windows Vista.

What does 'basic support for Windows Vista mean?

Registry Mechanic has passed basic functionality tests with Vista. However, as Registry Mechanic was designed without consideration for Vista ?specifically and with so many still unknown scenarios with Vista? we cannot guarantee that Registry Mechanic 6.0 will be 100% compatible and error free with the Vista Operating System."

When I bought Reg Mechanic in December it was to prepare for Vista. When reading the details I do not recall reading the words "basic support for Windows Vista" and I would not have bought it if I had read it.

I am clear about this point and I regret not printing the page at the time. I have asked therefore if the new version "Designed for Vista" will be a free upgrade when it come out in mid March to people like me who have bought a non functioning bit of software, no reply to date but will keep you up to date.

I could have misread the site of course so it is my misfortune, I just recall something different at the time of purchase.

  anskyber 11:56 21 Feb 2007

PS. The basic suport point is not difficult to miss, look under operating system near the bottom. click here

  anskyber 13:18 21 Feb 2007

Well spotted! Off to the opticians for me.

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