Recommended on PCA, but ...

  Technotiger 09:09 08 Jul 2008

is it a Con?

I use Tune-up 2008(1 click Maint) and Glary Utilities one click Scan for Issues, on more or less a daily basis. They both find a few issues and repair them. As well as the usual Ad-Aware/AVG etc.

However, I downloaded RegBooster2 from this PCA site to give it a try - it found hundreds of problems (and this was after me running the above two programs). I stopped it running after just a few moments, otherwise there would no doubt have been thousands of problems found?? What I would like to know is, does this mean that my two usual programs are a waste of time? Why don't either of them find hundreds/thousands of problems like RegBooster2 ???

I did not go all the way with RegBooster, but I believe it only 'fixes' the first 10 or so problems, and for the remainder of the hundreds/thousands one has to pay for the fix's!!

Con or not ??

  Shortstop 10:48 08 Jul 2008


A con? No Different reporting techniques? Possibly,

I also use Tune Up 2008 [upgraded from TU 2007 - a great bit of software IMHO] and the full version of WinASO Reg Optimizer. I used to try others and, as you post, they invariable came up with other issues that the other software had not reported.

I thought about it for a while along the lines of 'Ah! They just want you to pay' - but then, some of the software was free, so that confused me a little. Then I recall seeing a posting that some software see issues only because they are programmed to report these - whereas other pass these over as insignificant or little value in correcting.

Nowadays, I stick to just the 2 pieces and have the motto 'If it ain't broken ....'



  Technotiger 11:13 08 Jul 2008

Hi, yes I agree with your comments, I too follow the motto 'If it aint broke ...' but being a bit of a twiddler I can't always resist trying something new :-)

In this particular case though, I do wonder why the 'hundreds or more'? If my computer had that many errors on it I doubt if I would be sitting here typing this !! Then when a program says 'pay £x then we will fix the problems we found' I do wonder along the lines of, can this be a Con!

  spuds 11:36 08 Jul 2008

I think a number of programs can throw the spanner in the works, if you have sat comfortably with your old favourites. Having been in the 'must try this' mode on many occasions, I have now given up due to false/positives.

Gone back to the old faithfuls,like AWC2 and CCleaner, because I know they work for me and the computers.And thats the main thing I suppose.

  jack 11:52 08 Jul 2008

I'll stick to a dose Ccleaner and leave it at that.
If it aint broke......................

  interzone55 12:32 08 Jul 2008

Why do you need to scan for issues on a daily basis?

Do you not think that all these "registry errors" & "dangerous tracking cookies" are just FUD?

If your PC is running fine leave it be, because these software companies are getting to be like the haircare industry, just selling you products to fix the damage done by their other products...

  Technotiger 12:40 08 Jul 2008

Thanks to all of you for your interesting comments.
I have no intention of changing my computer habits nor my usual programs, but being a bit of a tinkerer I do like to try new things occasionally.

I was really merely commenting after Reg Booster2 was having a field-day finding 'errors' ....

Thanks again for your input. Cheers. TT.

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