tamc98 17:06 25 Jul 2003

We hear an awfull lot on this site about companies that seem to offer poor customer service. The problem is that it seems to be the same companies time and again. This has led to many people posting that these companies should be avoided at all cost but without posting an alternative.
Wouldn't it be a good idea if there was a list of companies that members of this site could recommend, without hesitation, to others.
Companies that offer excellent customer service and/or returns policy for faulty goods would make the list. Two companies that I would recommend are and Staples.
A company that wouldn't make the list would be DSG ltd (PC World, Dixons, etc.) as they seem to be unaware of the concept of customer service.
Any thoughts ?
P.S. Maybe if five people or more agree on any entry it should be added but if the same number disagree it should be removed.

  tamc98 17:07 25 Jul 2003

Looks as thought WRC has beaten me to it.

  wee eddie 19:45 25 Jul 2003

You would find complaints and praise about every company in existence. Some get more than others, but then they are frequently those that handle huge customer numbers.

You may currently see both Mesh and Carrera receiving a hammering here, but it was only a year or so back that they were being held up as an example of fine service, for the others to emulate.

We really only hear the disasters here so I am afraid such a thread would tend to be lopsided

  comsuppwor 23:04 25 Jul 2003

I,m going a bit off the track here , but I was in safeways supermarket today and looking on a shelf when a voice said excuse me please,then pushed past me to fill the shelf I was perrousing.
A bit miffed ,I said,"never push a cutermer out off the way mate." But I wonder how many companys get a bad name through one careless employee.

  comsuppwor 23:05 25 Jul 2003

and next time ,I,ll use the spellchecker.*:0

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