Recommendations for Photo Software

  bear73 14:12 26 May 2004

Hi, I need to buy some software for editing and storing my digital photos and was hoping for some recommendations. I am a bit of a novice and only need to store, do general touch-ups to photos (alter brightness, crop etc) and print.

I have downloaded Adobe Photoshop 2.0 Starter Edition and it is rather basic. It has nothing to alter brightness or contrast manually, just auto fix buttons. There is also no area to alter the size of the print to reduce it's file storage size.

Can I also ask a question about loading and storing photos? When I load my photos on to my pc direct from my camera they are generally 966KB -1,161KB which is fairly big isn't it? How do I shrink them down without altering the quality of the print. I'm not great at understanding pixels etc. I used to use an application where you could click on image size and just click 6 x 4 inches and it would automatically alter the size of the file and the pixels. Problem is they never print that well when I do that. I thought it was my printer but I have just printed a photo without altering the size at all and it was great quality but a huge file size.

Sorry for the long winded mail, I'm just trying to get some nice photos of my daughter.

Any help appreciated.

  €dstowe 14:29 26 May 2004

Paint Shop Pro is almost as comprehensive as the full version of Photoshop and some of my artists here use it in preference. Best thing is that it is very, very much cheaper.

click here


  bear73 14:38 26 May 2004

Thanks for your reply. I've had a look at the link you posted and it looks good. Do you know what the difference is between the Paint Shop Pro And the Paint Shop Album?

They both look good and wondered if there was any huge difference.



  €dstowe 14:49 26 May 2004


Several hundred pounds!!! PSP is about £75, Photoshop £500.

I think you can get older versions of PSP quite cheaply if you search around.

The main differences are subtle and more connected with the way it is used rather than vast differences in the program. For myself, I'm a PSP fan as I find it that bit easier to use and, because I've been using it for many years, I'm used to its little quirks and foibles - which I wouldn't be with Photoshop.


  MichelleC 14:52 26 May 2004

Another good and powerful prog is PhotoImpact circ £60.

  €dstowe 14:52 26 May 2004


Misread your question.

PSP Album is a cut down version of the full program much like Photoshop Elements or Starter Edition is cut down Photoshop.

If you think Photoshop Starter is basic, you will find PSP Album likewise.


  bear73 14:53 26 May 2004

Sorry, not sure I worded my question that well first time round!

I looked at the link you posted and they had to versions Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Photo Album. The Photo Album one was about £27 and just wondered if there wa any real difference between this and the standard Paint Shop Pro?

Sorry, I tend to waffle on and not explain myself well in posts!!!

  €dstowe 14:54 26 May 2004

N.B If you're buying PSP, don't get it from JASC - too expensive. Amazon have a good deal on it.

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  ventanas 15:34 26 May 2004

Like €dstowe been using PSP for years, and I prefer it to Photoshop. PaintShop Photo Album is exactly that. A program for cataloguing your images, with some rudimentary corrections available. I did actually buy it, and I'm still wondering why.

Go for PSP. Once you become familiar with it you will have no regrets.

  Belatucadrus 16:23 26 May 2004

Picture/Photo editing :- The gimp click here Photoplus5 click here project Dogwaffle click here XNview click here Irfanview click here

  spuds 17:47 26 May 2004

You could also try a free 30 trial of one of the products from Ulead click here

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