Recommendations for a new PC?

  Total_Sabotage 14:53 27 Mar 2010

Hey there all total technology noob here!My current PC is 8 years old as slow as a funeral and takes 10 minutes to boot up.So about 4 years too late I'm deciding to buy a new one.Anyone have any advice what to buy.I live in Ireland and purchased my last PC off Dell.
I'm not a fan of PC gaming personally so wouldn't need a top of the range one would like one with a fairly big Hard drive and able to run a few programs simultaneously without too much hassle unlike my current one:P.
There's a PC world and Harvey Norman close by to me so could try there or buy one off dell again.If anyone knows anywhere else i could try since I'm not too up to date in the subject.Thanks in advance your advice is greatly appreciated

  ame 16:08 27 Mar 2010

Suggest Arbico or Chillblast as a starting point. Look in the desktop reviews section on here, depending on your budget - i.e. power pc's or budget pc's. Do not recommend PCW, no idea about Harvey Norman. You MUST google your supplier before youi order to check for complaints, or ask for opinions on here first.

  Total_Sabotage 16:25 27 Mar 2010

Thanks for the advice ame :).I was looking online and i seen this click here only thing is it doesn't say whether it comes with leads eg ac adapter etc etc.It's been reduced and is around 380 pounds its set up is as follows!.

Type Intel Pentium E5300 / 2.6 GHz
Multi-Core Technology Dual-Core
64-bit Computing Yes
Installed Qty 1
Max Supported Qty 1
Chipset Type Intel G41 Express
Installed Size 3 GB / 4 GB (max)
Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Form Factor DIMM 240-pin
Storage Controller
Type 1 x Serial ATA - integrated
Hard Drive 1 x 500 GB - standard - Serial ATA-300 - 7200 rpm
Optical Storage
Type DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - Serial ATA
Read Speed 40x (CD) / 16x (DVD)
Write Speed 40x (CD) / 16x (DVD±R) / 12x (DVD±R DL)
CD / DVD Rewrite Speed 32x (CD) / 6x (DVD-RW) / 8x (DVD+RW) / 12x (DVD-RAM)

Does this sound reasonable it doesn't come with a monitor but its HP so good make i think :P.

  ame 17:37 27 Mar 2010

According to click here it hasn't been reduced much in UK terms. Initial thoughts and issues to consider:- processor doesn't seem that fast, no dedicated graphics card, maximum of 4Gb RAM (so can't take advantage of 64 bit OS for future upgrade requirements,)500Gb not a "big" hard drive these days (but big enough), and slimline form factor could mean issues in fitting graphics cards etc later if you need to. Have you compared to pc's in review section?

  The Kestrel 17:55 27 Mar 2010

This looks a really good at Ebuyer click here

  Paul-1379466 18:53 27 Mar 2010

You wont go far wrong with a DELL. I've bought 3 this year & they just seem to work straight out of the box without any problems, in fact the if you like fiddling with PC's they are pretty boring as they don't seen to go wrong.

They aren't cutting edge in performance & are pretty plain looking, but so are the racks of DELL servers I see every day in Comms rooms. You can get better performance for the money, but you wont get better service.

DELL will most likely still be here in 3, or 5 years, can you say that about the multitude of PC shops that open up offering great performance PC's at a great price with a 5 year warranty but a year later have scarpered? Just my point of view.

  ame 18:57 27 Mar 2010

That does look a good deal from Ebuyer. But if you're unsure about Acer pc's and want to stick with Dell, the Inspiron 570 click here seems fair with 6Gb ram. No monitor or dedicated graphics card, but you may not need them.

  ame 18:59 27 Mar 2010

Again - must type quicker!!

  The Kestrel 20:06 27 Mar 2010

The Dell PCs look good, but delivery can be a problem with Dell as they make the PCs to order. click here and click here. On the other hand the Acer at Ebuyer is in stock and will be dispatched to you straight away.

  ame 21:22 27 Mar 2010

True - Dell have had problems. Best to get a backstop delivery date from them and hope they better it. Not so bad if you still have a pc to use meantime. Ebuyer delivery is normally excellent.

  ajm 22:27 27 Mar 2010

A couple of days ago, I purchased a HP slimlime system from John Lewis click here for a client and installed it today. Wonderful product and has a two year warranty.

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