Recommendations for Antivirus & Firewall

  Sugar Junkie 14:00 31 Jul 2004

Having just shelled out for a new PC I want to try and keep it working! I'm looking at putting on different Antivirus and Firewall software than what came with it but I'm not sure which ones to go for. I'm not much of a technical genius so I want something pretty easy to use that does the job well. Has anyone got any good recommendations or even advice on ones to steer well clear of? I don't mind paying the money for them if I know they will be worth it. I'm also thinking I should have some sort of Backup/PC health package on it but I'm really lost when it comes to those so any thoughts on that would also be greatly appreciated.

Sugar Junkie

  Gaz 25 14:24 31 Jul 2004

I used eScan 2003 from click here and that Antivirus performed well.

As for a firewall, Agnitum from click here - either free version or pro version.

  zootmo 14:29 31 Jul 2004

sofware suites are largely a matter of personal preference and your pocket! If you intend to buy an integrated suite of software look at click here get the latest version of their firewall and anti virus. It has a small "footprint" on your system and a small call on system resources. It is also auto updating and highly configurable i.e. you can stop/allow Internet access by any programme easily,it will also monitor E-mail for you ,it will also alert you if a programme attempts to access the Internet without your permission. If you you are inexperienced in the use of firewalls keep in touch with the forum, there's a lot of friendly people ready to help here!

  SEASHANTY 14:33 31 Jul 2004

I use the Ontrack System Suite 5 produced by V-com.
Its the one recommended in either the current or last issue of PCA magazine. As well as PC utilities
it contains a Firewall and the TrendMicro antivirus
which gives a years free updates. Updates are automatic approx every two days. I paid £39-99 at Staples for this prog but its currently £27-49 at
Amazon with free postage
click here

  SEASHANTY 14:37 31 Jul 2004

A review of the System Suite 5 plus lots of other reviews on various software progs is on this website
click here

  spuds 18:52 31 Jul 2004

Why pay for anti-virus and firewall programmes, when you can download and use two well recommended free products like AVG and ZoneAlarm.

A selection of various downloads are available from click here Why not have a browse!.

  Charence 20:06 31 Jul 2004

Get AVG 7 and Kerio 4 Firewall, they're quite good I think.

click here and get the PERSONAL SECURITY BUNDLE



  zootmo 20:08 31 Jul 2004

whatever firewall/antivirus you choose test them at click here and click here any worthwhile firewall will pass the tests on these sites. Antivirus software can also be tested click here and click here

  Sugar Junkie 20:38 31 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses people. They're all really helpful. So this is probably an age old question but if there are good free antivirus/firewall packages available what makes the paid for ones more worth while? Do they offer better features, support and are easier to use? Or are they just wrapped in prettier boxes? What are peoples thoughts?

  beeuuem 20:58 31 Jul 2004

Using AVG Free Edition and Agnitum Oupost free on click here I get the message:-

"The test could not determine your IP address.

The test has found that the IP address used by your computer cannot be scanned. This commonly occurs because of a firewall program on your computer and/or you are connected to the Internet through a proxy-server or your ISP uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to share IP addresses.

This means the test cannot check your system as the results of the testing would be incorrect."

Is that good or bad?

  SEASHANTY 10:58 01 Aug 2004

The free Firewall and antivirus progs are just that.
The system suites contain lots of other applications
for PC diagnosing and maintenance. Registry cleanup
for a start, perhaps a simple backup programme, hard
disk defrag. Some of these progs are already available in Windows and the system suite may take
advantage in co-ordinating this operation. PCA evidently think they are worthwhile having installed
- see page 72 of the current PCA issue 110 September 2004.

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