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Recommendations for a £200-£300 desktop pc pls

  Bailey08787 15:54 27 Apr 2009


I've been asked to source a pc for my friend's 13 year old boy.

He'd like it to be a gaming pc, but it doesn't necessarily have to be running at the fastest speeds or have the greatest graphics.

Plus I recognise that the budget is going to limit things.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a few all-in-one packages, or if I would get better value if I ordered the individual components and built it myself

  Bailey08787 13:42 29 Apr 2009

It doesnt need to run all the latest games on the best frame rates

  wee eddie 14:41 29 Apr 2009

At that price point ~ It will "NOT" run any games brought out in the last 2 years at a Frame Rate which is compatible with "Playing" the Game.

If you could find the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers, elsewhere (not purchased), you would still be hard pressed to find a Base Unit which would perform Modern Games satisfactorily at the £300 point, although it should be able to play them with most of the Special Effects turned off.

Tell him to stick with his X-Box or Play Station for the Games and you should be in clover at the £300 point.

  Stuartli 21:33 29 Apr 2009

Couple at BigPockets that might suit (one slightly less than £300, the other £370):

click here

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