Recommendation on a Router

  Dearersteak 16:17 02 Jun 2003

Ok, cut a long story short, I’m setting up a network for my sister and friends who are at Uniy. There moving into a flat and there are 6 of them, All with PC. The PC’s are all network ready (All got network cards). I've explain the different options, and they have decided to go for a wire based, Router setup.

Now, I think there going to go with BT Board band, But as there over 100+ miles away, once the network is in place, it need to be 100% reliable. Because I won’t be able dash round to fix it if you understand.

So can anyone recommend a router for 6 machines that will be 100% reliable? And as cheap as possible?


  ricvic 17:39 02 Jun 2003

I've used both Linksys (BEFSR) and Belkin (gateway router). Both were easy to set up and invisible in use. Both claim to support over 200 users - but I've not tested that! They plug into my NTL broadband set top box/cable modem.

The Linksys failed shortly before its first birthday and fault diagnosis was not straightforward. The helpline was good (if repetetive). However when the replacement was sent out it had a European PSU. This was a significant problem as the PSU was the underlying fault !!

The Belkin has performed faultlessly for two months, thus I have not tried out their support. It has four ports built in so you would only need a switch to provide two extra.

My instinct is to prefer the Belkin. Others will doubtlessly disagree and have good reason for so doing.

How times have changed - when I was at Uni people had to go to the computer building to book their time slot on the computer!


  fitshase 18:01 02 Jun 2003

I would go with the Netgear combined router and ADSL modem (Netgear DG814):-

click here

in addition to that, I would buy a switch or hub to put upstairs (as the router/modem only has 4 ports), probably the Netgear FS105.

This means that the users upstairs each have one cable going to the hub. Then it is the case of one cable from the hub to the router to keep everything neat and tidy.

Also, as the netgear router has a built in ADSL modem, there is no need for a separate modem and box which keeps everything very tidy.

The reason I have gone for the Netgear brand is because that is what we use at work and also I have a Netgear router at home and they seem very reliable.



  HighTower 18:37 02 Jun 2003

I use a Solwise router (combined ADSL modem and Hub) at work and it operates 24/7 flawlessly. Easy to set up and less than 100 quid. I use a 4 port version but I think you can buy an eight port version, if not it has an uplink port to a conventional ethernet switch.

  jazzypop 20:54 02 Jun 2003

I agree with Fitshase's solution ... but forget about 100% reliability.

There are just too many links in the chain - 100% reliability for the whole system requires a considerable amount of hot-swapped redundancy (spare kit at each critical point that will kick-in if required, or will take over the load if anything fails).

The next best thing is 97%+ reliability, and a very easy method of getting everything up and running again. That's exactly what you have with the Netgear - it's called a reset switch :)

  mehmet 22:58 02 Jun 2003

I've been using the linksys 4 way wireless router with no problem. you could use both hardwired or wireless networking and its easy to set up.

best of luck

  ajm 23:12 02 Jun 2003

i would also go for fitshase solution. i have the Netgear DG814 and have wireless connection from the laptop by buying a wireless access point from Buffalo. works like a dream. the support i had from netgear when my DG814 was not connecting to my Pipex ADSL service was fantstic. i called late on a Saturday night to netgear support and the call was routed to Delhi, India where netgear support went through a comprehnsive diagnosis and detrmined that the DG814 was faulty. i was given a RMA number and the following Tuesday a brand new DG814 arrived.

  JerryJay 10:30 03 Jun 2003

It might be easy for you to teach your sister
to maintain it herself.

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